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AYURVEDA: Chakra Oils - The Template of Our Self

Do you wonder what your Chakras are? Chakras are an unseen network of personal vortexes regulating the flow of your CHI (lifeforce). Imagine a field of fluctuating colors shimmering all around you. Your Chakras create your aura as they transform CHI into specific qualities of vitality, influenced by your thoughts and emotions. Each of your Chakrasí filters CHI into the correct hormonal, physiologic and cellular nutritive energy for the correlative organs, glands and sustaining systems of your physical body. 8 major Chakras spin along your spinal column extending above your crown in colorful expression. They function within your subtle bodies, primarily within your Etheric Body, the subtle field closest to your physical body. Your Etheric and Astral bodies contain polar magnetic qualities where creative visual Light exercises like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, chakra balancing and auric cleansing are used to affect you with healing energy. Scentual Color Polarity Therapies describe the purpose and functions of your Chakras, introducing you to a comprehension of how you can consciously affect them in stimulating a new well being and good health. Your Chakra Oils will assist you to focus in meditation, direct your subtle healing techniques and bring you rescue, recovery and renewal when you need it! This is the power of fragrance coupled with the healing capabilities in essential oils. You can learn to use meditation, creative visualization and breath to balance and counter-balance your chakras! Repetition is the key in effectiveness and change for your well-being and longevity. Use your Chakra Oils to help introduce you to new techniques for personal evolution!

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