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Base Chakra Oil

Base Chakra Oil - 5ml
Base Chakra Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

I WILL! – Base Chakra Oil

Imagine a spinning whirl of scarlet in front and in back of you at the base of your spine. This is your Base Chakra called Muladhara. Spinning in all directions, it filters your base emotions, strategies of survival and ensures your primal energies for healing or leaps of growth. Your Base Chakra anchors you to Home allowing for that special resource of ‘grounding’ (familiarity of place) to ease your stress in moments of crisis. In moments of fear, visualizing your Base Chakra rooted into the planet, beneath your feet, will rescue you and bring emotional remedy. The flower: a scarlet red rose.

Your Base Chakra (all of your chakras) transforms CHI influenced by your thoughts and feelings at the speed of Light. This hyper-luminosity demonstrates your ability to change your mind! Your auric field is in constant colorful flux reflecting your changing thoughts and emotions.

The CHI energies filtered and transformed into physiologic vitality through your Base Chakra sustain and support your spine, blood, survival skills and the balanced distribution of your personal will power through the strength of your choices. The Base connects you to the element of Earth, initiating your sense of smell. Scent travels right past your analytical sensory buffers, at the speed of Light, with instant reaction or response. Smell bridges us to our subtle sensuality and awakens our psychic-PSI capabilities. Is there something more beyond my body?

Weakened Base Chakra:

- Lack of self-confidence

- Unfocused attentions

- Diminished / sickly nature easily manifested

- Insecurity creates self-delusion & self-destructive habits

- Sexuality is almost non-existent

Overactive Exhibition of Base Chakra:

- Dominance & violence

- Egocentric self-involved characteristics

- Sadism & greed dominate this disposition

- Sexuality is demonstrated through another’s pain or disillusionment

Balanced Expression of Base Chakra:

- Contagious glow of good health

- Grounded & resourceful

- Energetic personality with self-confidence

- Embraces life’s challenges - Sexuality is openly demonstrated with affection

Do you recognize the indications of a weakened Base within yourself? You can use the polarity of your Throat Chakra, the color blue and the Throat Chakra Oil with creative visual counter-balancing to help recognize, accept and then change your behavior patterns!

Are you inexplicably demonstrating the dominant characteristics of the Base Chakra? Nurture yourself with some special time to heal these tendencies through the polarity of your Crown Chakra’s violet color using creative visual counter-balancing and Crown Chakra Oil. Release the self defensive-ness that stimulates these behavior patterns and encourage yourself with a strong expression of compassion, care and higher self-inclusion.

Use your Base Chakra Oil and red to nurture a strong, self-aware Base Chakra energy within. Use it for everyday opportunities to satisfy your need for self-empowerment and revitalization. Base Chakra Oil will help you recover your enthusiasm for learning something new and to generate a positive disposition. Revive your weariness or exhaustion!

Red Base Chakra Oil is a deep, earthy tone complimenting a light sweetness and green top note.

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