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the SuperNaturals - Sensual Psychic Self Defensive Ally's

the SuperNaturals
What is psychic attack? Itís that Ďcanít shake it feelingí of unease, asurity that something is wrong, you canít quite put your finger on it, yet anxiety persists carried for days before addressing it as an actual issue.

How does it happen? In innocence, it can begin simply as a jealously or miscommunicated feelings. It includes our own personal drama and lack of clarity. Harshly, it is negative energy purposely sent to you filled with harm that disruptís your life. Most effectively, itís produced by self or someone you know. Itís good to remember that psychic attacks happen in circumstances of conscious projection and unconscious projection. Some folks just donít understand or take responsibliity for their feelings or actions.

The SuperNaturals are fragrant tools created with specific geometrics, intentional imprint for use, astrological consideration and positive resonance to help you trigger your psychic and emotional / mental self defenses in the midst of our unique paradigm shift. Planetary consciousness is in rapidly fluctuating magentic, dissonant - rebalancing resonant energies including lively multidimensional allies or antogonists (spirits). Formulated with essential oils, flower, environmental, crystal and gemstone essences to provide for quick rescue, assist in personal empowerment and causal inspiration to clear, cleanse and restore a sacred space of clarity and protection.

Some old fashioned psychic self defense.

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