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Sacral Chakra Oil

Sacral Chakra Oil
Sacral Chakra Oil
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Product Description

I FEEL! – Sacral Chakra Oil

When you’re relaxed and moving in rhythm your Sacral or Svadhisthana Chakra is turning harmoniously in orange. Your Sacral shimmers through your reproductive center preserving your gracious physicality, creative ambition and emotional expressions at the speed of Light. It intensifies or diminishes with each creative inspiration or emotional response you have. Your vitality and enthusiasm for life are reflected through this chakra. Plans to achieve goals kick the spin into your Sacral Chakra. Your creative inspiration, your self-fulfillment and receptiveness focus through the Sacral Chakra. Self-actualization and the manifesting of your desires are filtered through your healthy Sacral Chakra. The flower: an orange hibiscus w/ a red center.

CHI filtered through your Sacral vitalizes your skin, your reproductive activities and organs. Your Sacral Chakra is connective to the element of Water and your sensuality of taste. The mercurial aspect of your intuition and the subtle sensual nature of your dreams and creating the world surrounding you relate to your Sacral Chakra. Are you paying attention to your dreams? Which one will unfold in your daily life?

Weakened Sacral Chakra:

-Displays timidity, unreasonable fears, guilt & mistrust

-Exhibits self abuse

-Seeks attention constantly

-Sexuality is often frigid or impotent

Overactive Exhibition of Sacral Chakra:

-Displays emotional outbursts & temper tantrums

-Manipulative nature, self-deluded & workaholic

-Deceptively empathetic

-Sexuality confines itself to intrigue / gossip becomes sport

Balanced Expression of Sacral Chakra:

-Optimistic personal dynamic

-Sincere, honest, open mind & heart

-Encourages creativity in others

-Sexuality is expressed with emotional allowance & thoughtfulness

To heal the lack of self respect displayed by a weakened Sacral use your Heart Chakra Oil and the colors of green or pink to counter-balance with creative visualizations.

Are you too aggressive, an overly ambitious workaholic? To counter-balance this overactive Sacral use your Third Eye Chakra Oil and indigo colors in your creative visualizations. Allow yourself to release the over reactive, self-defeating behavior through visionary stimulation from your Third Eye. Relax with a visualization of completions.

For strengthening and balance of your Sacral Chakra use your Sacral Chakra Oil and the color orange with your visualizations. In everyday applications use Sacral Chakra Oil for creative inspiration, stamina, physical grace, optimism, to banish fears and to preserve your self-honesty!

Orange Sacral Chakra Oil is a smooth, warm tone of sweetness, spice, a dash of earth with a top note of fire!

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