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Throat Chakra Oil

Throat Chakra Oil
Throat Chakra Oil
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Product Description

I CREATE! – Throat Chakra Oil

You express yourself from the blue territory of your Throat Chakra, called Vishuddha. Giving voice to your ideas, desires, questions and dreams the bright blue whirl spins about your neck. Your Throat Chakra exceeds the speed of Light in dynamic; a Supra-luminal coordination of your quests, truths or lies. Cognitive (clarity of thought) and cognitive dissonance (confusion over a new experience initiating new truths) is filtered through your Throat Chakra. When you are content with your truth you experience being in the ‘Now’, the doorway into higher mind and a multidimensional awareness your upper chakras correlate. Your Throat Chakra meditations enable you to access past life experience to gain the opportunity for dharma through self-forgiveness. Recovering full responsibility for yourself enables personal leaps of growth! The flower: the blue flower (blaue blume).

CHI energy flow through your Throat Chakra sustains your nerves, ears, muscles, voice box – vocal chords and thyroid. Your Throat Chakra is connective to the element of Ether or Spirit and your sensuality of hearing. Your subtle sensuality of clairaudiance is initiated through the balanced expression of your Throat Chakra. Are you listening to the small voice within?

Weakened Throat Chakra:

  -Avoids commitment, is a liar, lives a secretive lifestyle & fears exposure

  -Is devious & elusive

  -Sexuality seems charming but remains detached from true intimacy

Overactive Exhibition of Throat Chakra:

  -Extremely obnoxious behavior, control-ing, arrogant

  -Abusive & self richeousness dominates

  -Dominates conversation, relates only through their agenda

  -Sexuality is only good as conquest

Balanced Expression of Throat Chakra:

  -Living in the NOW!

  -Wonderful sense of timing, unflinchingly self-explorative & personal creativity excels because it’s aligned to Highest Self aspect

  -Sexuality is open, explorative, seeking Spiritual union

To counter-balance your weakened Throat Chakra, use a red Light and your Base Chakra resonance to instill a new commitment to self. Trust your own honesty and sincerity.

To calm the abuse and arrogance masking your true self from others use the self-discipline and integrity of your Solar Plexus Chakra to infuse a golden Light into your Throat Chakra. Visualize a powerful clearing and instillation of new confidence, an adventurous anticipation in what lies hidden for you to discover!

Awaken and empower your Throat Chakra using Throat Chakra Oil with the visualizing clarity of a cool blue Light resonating around your throat. Throat Chakra Oil is a sensual helper for finding the voice of your truth and timely expression. If you’re having difficulty approaching someone with your thoughts or ideas, use your Throat Chakra Oil to guide and encourage you! Blue Throat Chakra Oil blends green top notes to inspire the voice of your truth!

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