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The following indications for using fragrance in working to change your MIND.

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Rupert Sheldrake introduces us to 'cutting edge' science up in the moment and invites us to grasp the morphogenic fields we sustain ourselves in. Sheldrake exposes the power of our thought / intentions in not just healing our bodies and our world, also in fashioning our reality with conscious a intent that manifests as we 'color it in'.

In General: DOI Base (Muladhara) Chakra Oil will encourage your mental stamina, comfort in your physical nature, development of trust, a sense of connection with your physical Self and your pursuit to build or create a foundation. The following index of issues correlate to your Base Charka’s balanced functions. Base Chakra Oil will enhance your healing strategies for these indications.

ABAONDONMENT: Connecting with your primary sense of survival & the ability to provide for your Self. [Inherited trauma possibility / parental or karmic] Stimulates a desire to nurture & trust the Self’s survival skills. Developing an object sense of permanence in the Self. Encourages the desire to create healthy bonds & demonstration of care (touch).

BI-POLAR SYMPTOMS: Encourages your desire to create foundations based in positive, shared bonding experience & to develop a solid sense of grounding. BOUNDARIES: Inappropriate: Fragrant awakener! Use Base Chakra oil to grasp a solid sense of the boundaries within your life and their integrity. Rigid: Boundaries where none should be! Aromatic assistance to help you clearly understand where boundaries are necessary & where they are creating turmoil in your life.

CHANGE: Fear of change is the causation for multiple fears. Base Chakra Oil will assist in addressing the addiction to security that can sustain this fear. Fragrant helper to begin building trust & appropriate boundaries. Supportive Self actualization.

CAREER / LIVELIHOOD: Through the healthy interactive qualities of your balanced Base Chakra you discover & pursue the most challenging career. Taking risks to develop your livelihood into a direction you most desire.

DISSAPPOINTMENT: [Recycling] Aromatic assistance while working to create personal sense of trust & stability in your ability to take decisive, positive actions.

DISSOCIATIVE DISORDERS: [MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES] Fragrant therapeutic resource in working towards developing a well grounded foundation in the primary Self & experiencing Self actualization; creating a solid bond with the Self.

DOUBT [RECYCLING]: Assists in loosening Self imposed (inappropriate) boundaries. Encourages emotional flexibility and trust.

EATING DIORDER-OBESITY: [Oral gratification] Aromatic helper in reconnecting with the essential Self to address emotional issues of security & grounding. Issues of poor emotional bonding or physical bonding (mother). Developing creative outlets in healing childhood issues of neglect. Assists fragrantly in the nurture of your physical body (developing a partnership with your physical body & nature).

FAMILY DYSFUNCTION: Wonderfully calming fragrance to apply when addressing core issues revolving around ‘family problems’. Good environmental fragrance during ‘intersession’ or confrontations… Stimulates honest Self forgiveness and release.

FIBROMYALGIA: Addressing deep depression resulting from chronic symptoms. Sensual guidance developing a strong, resourceful reliance on essential Self and your ability to establish a new, intimate relationship with your physical body for healing.

FINANCIAL ISSUES: [Fear of poverty] Provides fragrant stability & encourages renewal to build or rebuild personal foundations. [Family issues & INHERITED TRAUMA] Encourages enthusiasm for the adventure of life! And instills a more well grounded sense of trust in your Self. Stimulates action, resource & a fundamental commitment to build & sustain. Opens your awareness in finding and choosing a compatible livelihood for your Self.

FOCUS & DISCIPLINE: Fragrant tool to work on physical strategies empowering mental shift: yoga exercises complimented with Base Chakra Oil will stimulate new focusing capacities & shift perception positively. Cultivating steady discipline & concentration. GAMBLING: ADDICTION – avoiding responsibility for providing foundation and substance. Awakens creation processes establishing personal formulas of creation – building.

GULF WAR SYNDROME: Addressing quality of life choices positively enhanced with sensual help. Deep depression and overwhelming physical symptoms. Resource-ing the essential Self for nurture and support into recovery, ensuring flexibility & consistency.

HORDING (MATERIAL FIXATION OR GREED): Base Chakra Oil sensually helps to stimulate personal authority and companionship with your physical nature helping alleviate an exacerbated need for security building or materialism.

HYPOCONDRIA: Apply Base Chakra oil as symptoms or maladies arise to awaken a new understanding of prosperity and trust in the world. Nurture your true authority and empowerment within the Self. Stimulating creative thought and actualizing it. Releasing focus on the need for personal crisis in avoidance of being in the moment.

MAKING HOME: Fragrant companion when working on grounding & establishing healthy connection with Home. Helps to initiate intimacy in creating connections to the Spirit of place you choose.

NEGLECT: Base Chakra oil stimulates your relationship with the physical you beginning basic healing steps to recover from lack of care & to re-establish your sensual nature. Encouraging a communication with your body; creating a tangible partnership. This will enable you to address childhood trauma where root causation has seeded abandonment of your physical nature. Addressing lack of nourishment & lack of fundamental vitality.

PHYSICAL ABUSE: Accessing your Base Chakra (fragrantly) to assist you take the first steps in creating healing and conversion of trauma. Addressing childhood traumas.

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME: Excellent fragrant assistance in recovering a solid sense of security and foundation in Self. Helps you to remain ‘in touch’ with your physical body (encouraging you to relax your fears).

RECYCLING ILLNESS: Awakening Base Chakra to help define causation for neediness and abandonment issues. Taking steps to begin clearing core relative issues.

RELAXATION: Aromatic assistance in developing well structured relaxation practice. Creating the habit of taking personal time to relax & release stress / pressure.

SHOPPING BEYOND DROPPING: Assists addressing root issues sourced in lack, abandonment and initiating well grounded attitudes towards abundance.

SLEEPLESSNESS: Use your Base Chakra Oil to assist in establishing & keeping regular exercise regimen. Maintaining the healthy stimulation of regular cycles of rest & rejuvenation.

SURICAL RECOVERY: Helps dissipate the trauma of invasion and penetration accompanying recovery. Fragrantly re-establishes a comforting, grounding quality to support you in recovery.

TRUST ISSUES: Fragrant support and encouragement in the small steps towards developing a personal sense of trust. “Fake it ‘til you make it” steps.


In General: DOI Sacral (Svadhisthana) Chakra Oil will assist the reawakening of your sensuality, sharpen your observational acuity in growing through your emotions and integrating them holistically, encourage you to explore your sexuality freely, revealing your true sense of desire and promoting gracious physicality. The following index of issues correlate to your Sacral Chakra’s balanced functions. Sacral Chakra Oil will stimulate your healing strategies for these indications.

ABORTION: Assists fragrantly in addressing the moral struggle in making a difficult decision. Addressing the emotional turmoil; nurturing the Self through trauma, profound grief and loss.

ADDICTIONS: Attempt to disconnect from the Self (essentially). Denying a natural state of consciousness by stimulating a false one. Sacral Chakra oil fragrantly awakens natural grace and extraordinary observational skills. Inhibiting the need to deny consciousness. (significant steps in addressing ongoing addiction issues). Rediscovering your sensual nature with appropriate balance. Excellent 12-Step companion!

ALCOHOLISM SURVIVOR: Addressing emotional abuse, ongoing turmoil, neglect, denial of emotions from surrounding individuals / parents and inherited traumas. Fragrant helper working on therapies to address issues. Inner Child work and yoga practice will compliment using the Sacral Chakra oil with greater healing capacity.

[NATURAL] DESIRE: The Sacral Chakra addresses many indications of unbalanced desire: addictions, eating disorder, repressed sexuality & abusive childhood trauma. Awakens clarity in desire’s fundamental role in our personal growth and spirituality. Use Sacral Chakra oil to re-stimulate an awareness of passion, enthusiasm & commitment in balancing exercises when correlative issues have dampened or suppressed your natural desire.

DESPAIR: Chronic. Sensual help addressing imbalance sourced in religious and moral severity. Eases emotions, opens the mind towards unconditional Self acceptance & Self authority.

EATING DISORDER – ANOREXIA: Fragrant rescue to help face and work through root issues of low Self esteem, deficient physical bonding and inherited trauma. Yoga exercise is an excellent, initiatic compliment.

EMOTIONAL ABUSE: A fragrant sustainer to encourage recovery. Assistance to help working to reawaken positive sensuality and release repressed emotions. Excellent therapy companion.

FRIGIDITY (FEAR OF SEX): Aromatic support in addressing relative issues sourced in childhood trauma (including untreated incest / molestation issues), inherited parental trauma, denial of emotional trauma (neglect, coldness, rejection) & religious or extreme moral severity. Excellent compliment during therapy & recovery exercises.

GUILT (SHAME): Sexual abuse issues: therapeutic journeying to the Inner Child for resolutions and healing. Addresses denial of pleasure / passion in life and nurtures the ability to develop the experience of pleasure.

INCEST SRUVIOR: Aromatic balm assisting ongoing recovery, meditation therapies and Self healing actualization. Helps to address trauma: denial of childhood emotions, moral judgments, cessation of sensuality, fear of desire and pleasure. Fragrant assistance in working to heal these issues.

INNER CHILD: Sacral Chakra Oil assists inner journeying techniques designed to discover & begin working with your Inner Child; building an on-going relationship. (Defining your relationship with your Inner Child & working through issues of childhood traumas, disconnection with Self in nurturing resources that ground balance with your essential Self in feeling & expressing joy, pleasure capacities, exciting your natural sense of curiosity & adventure.)

(HEALTHY) SENSUALITY: The emotional intelligence of the physical body companioned to healthy mental attitudes helps maintain your positive, developing sensual nature! Sacral Chakra Oil stimulates & assists expanding your sensual perceptions: {Cognitive, connective qualities of symbolic recognition through your physical vision / Refining your recognition experience in distinguishing qualities of scent / Expanding you pallet for experiencing multiple levels of taste / Exciting your physical nature to bring sensitivity thresholds to peek touch capacity / Cognitive connective refinement of tonal interpretations in listening capabilities.} Coalescing of positive Sacral qualities: motion, sensation, emotional expression, sexuality, desire, need & pleasure.

SELF GRATIFICATION: Fragrant assistant helping you establish personal balances between emotional release & healthy pleasure!

SEXUAL ADDICTIONS: Working on developing a healthy balance between physical satisfaction (pleasure) & your emotional fulfillment. Sacral Chakra Oil compliments your balancing therapy with sexual addiction issues.

SEXUAL-ITY: SEXUAL NATURE: Addressing the emotionally exhausting and socially isolating elements of young homosexual – lesbian – transgender- ality. Sensually assists ongoing therapy or personal balance to ground and calm emotional dilemma’s & offering a sensual rescue when needed. IMPOTENCE – Addressing emotional denial and repressed trauma. FRIGIDITY – Enabling contact with inner child and inner critic to enable resolutions for dysfunction. Initiating small steps.

NON-ORGASMIC – Addressing issues sourced in inherited trauma, incest shock, religious fanaticism, emotional withdrawal and sexual abuse past.

SOCIAL CONFIDENCE: Assists as a fragrant balance of environmental – situational acuity with your emotions. An excellent companion during stressful social situations.

In General: DOI Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra Oil helps you develop assured Self confidence, well developed sense of warmth & humor, definition of individual nature & Self discipline. The following index of issues correlate to your Solar Plexus’ balanced functions. DOI Solar Plexus Chakra Oil will assist your healing strategies for these indications.

ADDICTIONS (Confrontation): Attraction to sedatives: (Revolving polar demonstrations: confrontation & retreat. Temper tantrums, violent outburst, arrogance, spiraling hyperactivity against emotional retreat & social isolation.) Assists re-direction balance of personal energy during recovery. Excellent martial arts flow & balance aromatic. Releasing anger, encouraging positive autonomy & secure emotional grounding.

AUTHORITARIANISM: (Obsession with power) Working on anger & control issues. Resolving dominance with healthy sensitivity allowing love to be experienced intimately & providing the option of Self forgiveness. Fragrant helper in ongoing therapies.

BI-POLAR (Symptoms): Aromatic assistance working to resolve a balance between individuation & separateness. (Grounded ego, balanced & effective expression of will helps to manage the emotional impulses of Bi-polar symptoms.) Solar Plexus Chakra oil is a directly influential, positive fragrance.

CONTROL – ing: (Compensating for victim mentality, indecision, domination, eating disorders, hypertension, Chronic Fatigue, ulcers & emotional manipulation. The compensating controller.) Solar Plexus Chakra oil assists resolution therapy: (deep relaxation – meditation, stress control & releasing anger exercises.)

DISAPPOINTMENT: Addressing lack of Self discipline, recycling low Self esteem & the option to choose victim – hood. Solar Plexus Chakra oil fragrantly assists you to marshal Self responsible nature & to work on Self confidence goals!

EATING DISORDERS: Assists all initiatory therapy work! Fragrant helper to remain committed to your goals & to meet the challenges of releasing – managing anger, learning how to form grounded emotional relationships, initiating physical programs & encouraging maintaining behavior goals.

EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION: Fragrant stimulation & support in recognizing manipulative patterns of behavior & addressing the core issues: (over aggressive display of personal will-authority in pursuing power over others, deceitfulness, the need to be right, destructive competition, arrogance & OCD demonstrations.)

SAD-Seasonal affective disorder: Seasonal depression is an increasing mental malady resulting from social divorce from Nature; a unique form of Homesickness and the need or lack of need for sunlight. (Re: eco-psychology) Solar Plexus Chakra oil assists recovery of symptoms in fragrantly prompting the natural urge to reconnect with Nature during the seasonal cycle of affliction. Getting outdoors, reconnecting with the natural community surrounding you & allowing the Sun to revitalize you! Symptoms: (Chronic Fatigue or fatigue, need to sleep more, low energy, {winter: weight gain & increased appetite}, lack of focus & isolationism.)

FEAR OF FAILURE: In the Solar Plexus chakra balance, fear of failure recedes our natural expression of Self & sustains poor Self esteem. Assists transmuting concepts of success from social judgment to personally identifiable mistakes in the process of personal growth towards eventual success defined within personal boundaries.

GOOD HUMOR!: The Solar Plexus chakra has everything to do with our humorous disposition & warmth of personality. As an expression of our individuality, warmth & good humor often saves us from prolonged heartache or grief. It provides the characteristic quality most often attracting friends & companions. Solar Plexus Chakra oil stimulates your enthusiasm & personal energy levels for resilience from challenge. Our sense of good humor is the healthy natural ally we use to keep from allowing challenge (in many forms – issues) to discourage us!

PHYSICAL ABUSE RECOVERY: Solar Plexus Chakra Oil will fragrantly support your recovery steps & encourage Self esteem! Useful tool for recovering moment to moment as you make new choices & face working on core issues in releasing the past & Self forgiveness.

SELF CONFIDENCE: Aromatic stimulant for emotionally Self confident actions & demonstrations. Working towards risk taking, building your Self esteem & your personal ‘Can Do’ attitude in recovery therapy. PROACTIVITY: (Taking risks & meeting challenges) along with building a solid Self confidence, Solar Plexus Chakra oil can help you follow through on proactive demonstrations. Fragrant encouragement & support.

TEMPER TANTRUMS: Fragrant stimulation urging mental logic & discouraging emotional spiraling. A green, earthbound scent to revive your mental acuity & diminish your emotional reactions under stress.


In General: DOI Heart (Anahata) Chakra Oil will encourage your growth towards Self love, relationships, intimacy, balanced personal polarity & striving to understand the meaning of life (our personal truth). The following index of issues correlate to your Heart Chakra’s balanced functions. DOI Heart Chakra Oil will assist your healing strategies for these indications.

ABANDONMENT: Awakens Self compassion & loyalty to the Self. Rejection & loss issues trigger deeper / core issues for resolution (see rejection), Heart Chakra Oil fragrantly supports moving through loneliness, isolation & fear of intimacy to begin resolution therapies.

ADDICTIONS: Addressing the co-dependency issues related to addiction. Fragrant assistance in developing Inner Child journeying work. (Stimulates Self acceptance when approaching & committing to recovery Expressing addiction with sugar, tobacco, love & marijuana.

AIDS & HIV POSITIVE: Sensual rescue focusing on release & allowance to maintain health & a working immune system.

ALTURISM: Developing healthy Self assurance that allows you to reach out to help & heal within the world surrounding you without attachment or expectations. Self responsibility & actualization.

APATHY: (Rejection of personal values or belief, assumptions, unyielding criticism, divorce & death, betrayal or overly sacrificing issues:) Heart Chakra Oil stimulates your emotional flow & release of apathy to process grief. Comforting sensual assistance extremely useful in the beginning steps towards moving on & resolutions of these core issues.

ANXIETY: (INCLUDING EXTREME PANIC) An excellent fragrant grounding agent during ‘panic’ attacks or to help relieve prolonged anxiety. Stimulates a desire to be in the moment, helping to provide a sense of relief. (Achieving the appropriate forgiveness of Self & others.)

ANXIOUS PREGNANCY: Excellent remedy for the doubtful, stressful (especially first time mothers), urgency of the future, fear of childbirth, fear of parenting … general comfort & relaxation remedy for new Moms!

BALANCE: (Intimacy issues) [Developing your personal foundation ensures longevity. Through your Heart Chakra the fundamental synthesis of your creativity is a reciprocal dynamic; Spirit to expression (matter) – expression (matter) to Spirit.] Assisting resolution therapies in defining & adjusting your personal polarity. (Establishing a relationship with your Self; becoming Self reflective & Self aware by simply acknowledging the person you know within your Self.)

BI-POLAR & ADHD: Symptoms in Children & Adults: Fragrant aid in soothing & calming. (Important sensual assistance during any kind of episodes: aromatic rescue agent.) BIRTH TRAUMA: Releasing the choices made during the pain & trauma of birth. (Deep release that enables healthy core issue recognition & resolution).

CANCER: Excellent fragrant remedy in facing & accepting cancer in order to move into resolutions of recovery & good health.

COMPASSION: (Empathy issues.) Balancing empathy skills to release isolation & respond to those who have need (in the moment) for help: healing issues, survival issues & relationship issues. When you choose to become the healer for someone (or even for a situation) that is temporarily powerless & or lost in helping themselves. Heart Chakra Oil helps you to maintain Self integrity & healthy boundaries. Issue related: assists to help realize the need to release Self isolation that enables taking on responsibility for someone else (often avoiding personal responsibilities.)

CONDITIONAL LOVE: Addressing core relative issues of Self love. Developing peaceful, balanced behavior with others; initiating inner journeys towards existing empathy & compassion, personal polarity balance & Self acceptance.

CORPORATE WOMEN’S ISSUES: Control issues: assisting fragrantly to secure balance & fairness in work environment. Mentally balancing to address issues of personal integrity & Self acceptance & Self authority in demonstration of your job. Helps to ground & focus when difficult moments of decision or choice arise.

CORPORATE MEN’S ISSUES: Achievement issues & control issues: Heart Chakra oil can awaken deeper connections to inner Self who judges & chooses demonstrations (behavior) dealing with the dilemmas of integrity, control, contribution & authority.

CRITICISM (recycling): Abused: (assisting your development of Self authority & letting go of abusive relationships). Self abuse – Inner Critic: (excellent fragrant remedy to help initiate inner journeying work to face & address the Inner Critic / revealing core issues while working on Self authority).

DEMANDING (Aurthoritarism): Critical, lonely, afraid of intimacy, lack of empathy, intolerant of others & narcissism combine in a demanding personality. To face & address these issues (minor or pronounced) Heart Chakra Oil is a fragrant encouragement towards remaining steadfast in working through the core issues. Opens the heart!

DEPRESSION: [see BI – POLAR] Depression is a natural stage of emotional development & challenge in our lives. Excessive, physically Self destructive & over extended periods of depression indicate professional therapeutic resolutions. Heart Chakra Oil assists ongoing therapy exercises & resolutions.

-Teen depression: (Emotional, psychological & social changes that continue…unreal or unrealized academic, social or family expectations & sexual crisis are all issues anchoring depression in teens.) Fragrant help to instill calm, comfort & rescue & motivation towards resolution of issues.

-Prolonged Depression: (Withdrawal, isolation, revolving expectations unmet, suicidal thoughts, weight loss or gain, no presence, sleeping problems, feelings of worthlessness, guilt, emotionally numb, recycling fatigue & empty restlessness.) Aromatic empathy & support to nurture making the commitment to seek out the issues responsible for these feelings & behavior. Helps to soothe acute symptoms in the moment. Especially useful as a sleep aid.

ENTHUSIASM! : The Heart Chakra is all about ACCEPTANCE…of the Self & of others. Practicing enthusiasm works! Fake it til’ you make it! Enthusiasm is the response & result of acceptance & allowance. Practicing enthusiasm will awaken inner Self forgiveness & forgiveness of others. (Developing exercises to practice: find things to be enthusiastic about! Meditate on them).

GRIEF: Grief is a primary issue attached to the Heart Chakra. Heart Chakra Oil is fragrant rescue during times of transition when grief is overwhelming. Death, loss of income or job, divorce, (12-Step loss of recovery) & extreme loneliness (due to isolation) are main issues triggering profound grief that manifest physical malady & serious mental instability. Heart Chakra Oil will assist proactive, ongoing therapy with acknowledged & unacknowledged grief issues.

INTIMACY: Assistance developing a sense of the Self. Our first experience of true intimacy is with the Self. Aromatic support for fearless inner journeying … soul searching. Understanding how to sustain healthy boundaries establishing Self respect. Honoring the Self demonstrates how we honor others. Assist opening inner dialogues relative to all issue recognition.

JEALOUSY: Assistance in working toward understanding & releasing relative core issues revolving around regret. Urges greater demonstration of Self confidence.

LONELINESS: (Isolation becomes a lifestyle depriving you of personal growth & eventually of good health. Loneliness is the result of multiple issues.) Aromatic assistance in making a conscious choice to address comfort & nurture during extreme or acute loneliness.

REJECTION: (Our deepest fears & heaviest grief revolves around rejection. Triggers prolonged depression or will serve us in revealing a truth we have been unwilling to observe & accept in our Self.) Excellent fragrant Penetrator in working with healing therapies & healing the Self.

RELATIONSHIP SKILLS: (See balance) Assists confrontation of pressure, frustrations, stress, hostility, withdrawal & mistrust. Fragrant inspiration into openness, equability & Self honesty.

UNCONDITIONAL ACTION: Selflessness or the conscious surrender to something beyond your Self. [Merging with the Divine]. The Heart is responsible for our choice to take these actions. (You do it more than you understand that you are doing it! The Self-less, joyful acts of kindness you share with family, friends & strangers are all the compulsion of your Heart. From smiling sincerely at a stranger to devoting your Self to caring for someone beyond your needs {in the moment}.] Aromatic support in observing & acknowledging this in your Self.

SELF ACCEPTANCE: Excellent aromatic compliment for therapies & exercises designed to open your awareness & honor your unique individuality. (Discovering each aspect of your Self: your yearning for success & fear of it, the longing for commitment & your demand for freedom, your Inner Child, the rebel within you, the nurturer, the defiant warrior & the healer.)

SELF FORGIVENESS: Fragrant assistance in establishing a personal process of forgiveness. (Initiating action in learning how to forgive others sincerely. This practice, when successfully accomplished, teaches us how to forgive our Self. )

NARCISSISM: (Unbalanced relationship with the Self. Reversed polarity of childhood neglect & abuse. Self involved & lacks ability to bond with others.) Aromatic encouragement to open the Heart; to begin working your way into the family of humanity.


In General: DOI Throat (Vissudha) Chakra Oil stimulates your urge to hear & speak truth, define your ideas, creatively express your Self & seek personal harmony in life. The following index of indications correlate to your Throat Chakra’s balanced functions. DOI Throat Chakra Oil will enhance your healing strategies for these issues.

ADDICTIONS: (Repression of personal truth disconnects you from your Self & initiates desire to ‘reform reality’ through opiates & marijuana.) Helps stimulate interest in ‘speaking up’ & giving voice to your thoughts & ideas without using extra stimulation help – drug use.

ADJUSTMENT WITH DISSONANCE: Throat Chakra Oil helps to recognize the distraction of dissonance in your environment & to make choices to adjust to it or remove it. Assists inner journeying / meditation designed to recognize & balance dissonance within. Inner stillness & peace.

AUTHORITARIANISM: Control & suppression of emotions that does not allow natural development of communication skills. (Parental abuse of child’s truth). Fragrant assistance in working to resolve & release this old program & allow personal truth to express naturally.

COMMUNICATION: Helps to stimulate resonant voice & clear communicating skills. (VERBAL ABUSE – Facing & clearing issues of childhood trauma including symptoms: weakness of voice, fear of speaking & hesitancy to express feelings & emotions. ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR – Working to expose issues causing abusive yelling, demeaning others, domineering situations & intimidating others.

VERBAL SELF ABUSIVE NATURE – excessive talking [talking as a defensive posture in social situations], inability to listen to others, consistent interrupting & lack of auditory comprehension. Throat Chakra Oil addresses issues & assists ongoing therapies. Assists to bring understanding into your existing awareness. (Transformation between mind & body.) Remedies the impulse without action / desire without will.

CREATIVITY: Assists your practice in singing, chanting & toning exercises. Excellent storytelling helper! Stimulates your creative drive & natural curiosity. Throat Chakra Oil will stimulate your awareness of consciousness as a creative choice. Grounding your awareness of consciousness as a creative choice allows you to fully manifest what you desire (our thought creates our reality!)

EXCESSIVE TALKING: Assists us in addressing relative issues triggering excessive talking (masking deep, inner rejection of the Self) to begin healing & balancing therapy.

GOOD LISTENING SKILLS: Stimulates your enthusiasm for learning & expanding your perception of the world surrounding you! Assists meditation & practice of listening to the silence. Develops the skill of listening for tone, emotion & intention. Refines auditory comprehension.

IMPAIRED SOCIABILITY: Acute shyness. [including Asperger’s Disorder] Assists process of trust & allowance; primarily of the Self. Helps discover & develop the ability to express yourself openly without fear of peer judgment or discernment. Beginning steps (coming out of a closet!) INSOMNIA: Assists calming & releasing circular thoughts & stress (in order to peacefully relax into a natural sleep.

LEARNING SKILLS: Assists opening your Throat chakra with security of Self & environment. Provides the path (connective quality between) thinking (Crown) & feeling (Heart) for fuller integration of experience & learning. Cues your sensitivity to nervous system & it’s influence on your state of awareness in perception.

MEDIA RESCUE: Establishes the development of your personal perspective of the world surrounding you & your ability to choose the affect it has on you [& vice versa – your affect on it]. Overwhelming or built up sense of anxiety triggered by endless media exposure erodes our daily confidence & can misinform our choices …Throat Chakra Oil assists in releasing negative attachment to media (news) & instant access to world crisis.

NEGLECT: Lack of intimate communication during childhood supports neglect. Assists therapy in learning how to trust & speak personal truth with others. Resolving neglect within & learning to not behave neglectfully in relationships.

NERVOUS CRISIS: Helps to dissipate emotionally overwhelming events & establish a personal foundation for a secure resource to draw on when events trigger panic. PERFORMANCE ANXIETY: Public speaking, presentation at work or in groups, including any kind of involvement with groups … Fragrantly assists Self expression in group interaction with confidence.

REONANCE & SYMPATHETIC VIBRATION: Fragrant aid in meditation practices. Establishing & working with each of the chakras, toning in each harmonic associative to the chakra. Throat Chakra Oil will help you to define & work with new harmonic skills for chakra toning practice.

SECRETS & LIES: Basic disconnection with the essential Self in separating from spontaneity, flow & vitality of mind. Impairs living our truth fully. Fragrant assistance in making new choices to release blockage & accept responsibility to speak out honestly.

SUPPRESSED EMOTIONS: [Passive-aggressive behavior patterns.] Ongoing work with therapy, Throat Chakra Oil assists locating & addressing issues relative to childhood trauma, excessive criticism, authoritarian parents, constant verbal abuse, living with alcoholism, introversion & unwillingness to listen to others. Fragrant assistance in working towards resolutions.


In General: DOI Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra Oil initiates your ability to express & accept your personal nature & identity, perceive & think in patterns & symbols, develop the ability of your imagination, access your memory, accept your visionary talents & develop your Dreams. The following index of indications correlate to your Third Eye Chakra’s balanced functions. DOI Third Eye Chakra Oil will enhance your healing strategies for these issues.

ADDICTIONS: Assists bringing focus to inner Self reflection, unblocking the avoidance of your true nature. Working to expose the illusion in Self image. Expression through hallucinogens & Marijuana.

COLOR THERAPY: Excellent fragrant assistant with all forms of color therapy. Visualizations, toning, anytime you’re working with color for healing purposes, Third Eye Chakra Oil is an excellent assistant!

DELUSIONAL: Assists therapy work & issue recognition of recycling delusional thoughts; avoiding / “not seeing” the world surrounding you as it is & stimulates open minded perception.

DENIAL: Fragrant helper when addressing issues not seeing or won’t see what is happening in personal relationships, situations or events. Assists you in personally instilling new attitude towards ‘facing the music’!

DESCEPTION: Issue recognition in addressing Self deception & avoidance of responsibility. / Assists development of mental– instinctual acuity as constant tool of personal discernment.

EATING DISORDER – ANOREXIA: Fragrant help in resolving the illusions of Self image. Assists ongoing therapy & address of core issues.

FOCUS: Excellent sensual assistant to help learn & develop new concentration skills! Assists fragrantly to instill discipline & perseverance to focus your attention & achieve target, strategy & goal oriented capabilities.

GULF WAR SYNDROME: Fragrant, sympathetic aid for healing visualization work correlative to core issues – symptoms.

GOOD MEMORY AGENT: Third Eye Chakra Oil is an excellent memory companion when stress or distraction makes memory sluggish or unresponsive.

HALLUCINATIONS: Fragrant help to ground sensory information in physical recognition; dissipating shadows, visions & hallucinations.

INTIMACY (FEAR OF): [Addressing issues of childhood neglect & trauma, sexual abuse, isolation & low Self esteem connective to personality or physicality.] Fragrant encouragement to begin expanding personal boundaries while working towards resolutions of issues. Excellent remedy for beginning steps in therapy & resolutions.

INTUITION & IMAGINATION: Best fragrant helper to assist personal alignment between imagination & intuition. Excellent aid for working towards development of psychic skills & defining the extraordinary pathways of prognostication or anticipation. Opens the boundaries of your imagination & relieves fears of the Unknown.

MANIPULATIVE NATURE: [Covert aggressive personality: Tactically deceptive, exploiting weakness to achieve personal wants & demands/desires.] Assists personal exploration of core issues triggering manipulative nature. Excellent regressive meditation aid towards locating & defining core issues.

PATTERN & SYMBOL: [Identifying & defining reality through association. Assembling sensual information into recognizable patterns.] Assists the expansion of your sensory capacity for recognition & development of multi-leveled patterns of information towards extra-sensory patterns. Psychic skills, imagination skills & prognostication / anticipation of situations or events.

PARANOIA: [Reluctance to confide, low Self esteem reinforcing the suspicion of unfaithfulness, the inability to understand that someone will forgive them, doubts loyalty & apprehensive of hidden meanings within situations or events.] Assists issue work on mistrust & suspicion at core with many symptoms. Fragrantly helps conscious work on changing your mind, redefining boundaries of acceptance. Addresses bi-polar symptoms & stimulates therapy work.

PROCRASTINATION: JUST DO IT! Fragrant assistance in addressing the issues wrapped around Self doubt, hesitancy to fail, experiential interpretations of personal or professional progress & peer influences.

RELIGIOUS ZEALOTRY: [Corruption of the natural flow of intelligence. Multiple core issue recognition. Deep, deep fear.] Addresses the negation of true Spiritual nature, the development of individuation & personal harmony with the Universe. Fragrant ‘rescue remedy’ for deep fears that trigger a need to condemn & judge in the illusion of Self protection / security. [Note: there is no resolution to the ‘my God is better than your God’ zealotry currently anchored on our planet. There is only war.]

SELF INVOLVED: Addressing primary traumas & issues correlative to introverted mentality, emotions only extended into the Self, Selfishness & avoidance of extended responsibility. Fragrant helper for beginning therapy work & assisting a change of behavior.

SEXUALITY (OVERCOMPENSATING): [Extreme nature: Sado-Masochism, obsession, incest, violence. Less extreme nature: Exclusively a fantasy / daydreaming lover.] Third Eye Chakra Oil offers fragrant help in addressing the patterns & results of sexual behavioral ‘deviance’ in ongoing therapy work. For the less extreme subject, assists in facing the boundary issues & lack of commitment that can trigger exclusive sexual fantasy life. Third Eye chakra balance is primary relative to these specific issues.

SYMBOLIC THOUGHT: Stimulates the connective qualities VISION to EMOTION (or feelings) & triggers natural flow of symbolic imagery through the mind. Extremely creative & sharpens mental acuity.


In General: DOI Alta (Chandra) Chakra Oil initiates your ability to balance & heal through polarity, understand & accept your issue origins, develop the ability to release energy, the past, expectations & establish an ongoing relationship with your Inner Shield of Authority [Inner Nurturer, Inner Child, Inner Warrior, & Inner Healer.] The following index of indications correlate to you’re Alta Chakra’s balanced functions.

AGGRESSIVE ADDICTION BEHAVIOR: Assists in facing issues of addiction in beginning of recovery commitment. Accessing the unmanageable lifestyle & taking steps to change everyday routines, attitudes, impulses & intensity of addictive drive. Expression of addiction through fantasy, “magic” & euphoria.

ANXIETY ATTACKS: Assistance to relieve & release impulsive & debilitating panic. Fragrant help to ground your awareness & transmute feelings of panic or dislocation that trigger anxiety attacks. Powerful fragrant intersession for panic!

CREATIVITY: Fragrant aid in accessing the ability to share & nurture creativity in others. Excellent remedy when needing to trigger creative inspiration!

INNER JOURNEYING: Most excellent fragrant assistance in developing & visualizing inner journeys to discover & establish intimate dialogues with Inner Shield: Inner Child, Inner Healer, Inner Warrior & Inner Nurturer.

INTEGRATION OF SHADOW SELF: Assists fragrantly to begin working on integration of the Shadow Self in facing & embracing deep fear issues. Excellent therapy companion when beginning define nature & origin of deepest fear issues.

MENTAL ANTICIPATION: Excellent aid to begin developing & using ability to mentally anticipate situations & events. Encourages your extension of mind into future visualizations. Assists expansion & nurture of the IMAGINATION!

POLARITY: Grasping & honoring the sacred Feminine & Masculine within us. Alta Chakra Oil assists you to work on your character foundation; assurance of longevity in all things you desire to build. Essential synthesis of creativity as a reciprocal dynamic; Spirit to expression (matter) & expression (matter) to Spirit.

REFINING INTUITION: Assists releasing the silent fears & mistrust of natural instinct & intuition. Addressing base issues sourced in fears of the Unknown & your connections with it.

RETREATING MIND: Assist fragrantly when working on staying in the moment. Alta Chakra Oil is great therapy assistance when working on relative issues to retreating mind & disassociation with social ability.

UNREASONALBE ATTITUDES: Assists fragrantly in addressing correlative issues anchoring unreasonable attitudes: fear of losing Self authority, imposition of other’s ideals & truths, non-acceptance of differing opinions or values. Inability to share truths with others; triggering severe mental disassociation with core Self. Hiding from the world surrounding you; dogmatic behavior.


In General: DOI Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra Oil opens your perception, sustains your assimilation & analyzing skills, transforms your experience into wisdom & links Self knowledge to transcendence Your Crown Chakra is the separation of Spirit & matter. The following index of indications correlate to your Crown Chakra’s balanced functions. DOI Crown Chakra Oil will enhance your healing strategies for these issues.

ADDICTION: Crown Chakra Oil stimulates actualization of ‘being in the body’ & releasing the need to escape your reality. Self dominion. Expressing addiction through transposition into religious fervor, ritual behavior & spiritual idealism that judges others (avoiding Self reflection).

ADHD: [Symptoms: inattentiveness, impulsivity, difficulty relaying gratitude, emotional over-arousal, hyperactivity, non-compliance, social awkwardness, disorganization. Child & Adult behavior patterns.] Assists ongoing therapy (with or without complimenting allopathic medicating) & helps to open new trust & skills in community & compatibility.

ATTACHMENT: Assists development of cognitive skills independent of influence. [Refinement of individual nature.] Stimulates the expansion of personal horizons. [Spiritual freedom.]

DISSOCIATION FROM THE BODY: [Psychotic break from material world - catatonia.] Fragrant encouragement to reach back to conscious expression of the Self. Serious mental breakdown, Crown Chakra Oil is a fragrant helper in creating a healing environment.

COMMON SENSE: [Equilibrium of thought & action. Core issues; development of reasoning function, Self esteem, ability to act independently with logic & a discipline of safety.] Fragrant assistance in ongoing resolutions.

CONFUSION: [Recycling & onset of Alzheimer’s disease.] Fragrantly addresses symptoms of confusion & encourages grounding into the body & consciousness. Assists relieving issues of dislocation & abandonment.

CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR: [Addressing several core issues relative to psychotic behavior patterns manifesting criminal episodes or lifestyle. Core issue recognition: overriding anger, consuming Selfishness, disallowance of others’ behavior, common sense vacancy, horrific violent demonstrations, sudden – all consuming break with core personality manifesting violence.] Fragrant environmental aid during ongoing therapy work.

DISSOCIATIVE DISORDERS: [Multiple personality disease.] Fragrant encouragement to address & focus on core personality (enabling new awareness of core identity).

DOGMATIC BEHAVIOR: [Addressing core issues sourced in unrelenting belief patterns, denial of experience or science, disposal of independent cognition & source of bigotry.] Crown Chakra Oil will assist release of judgmental / dogmatic thought patterns through intent & demonstration. Life changing events trigger drastic changes of mind: Crown Chakra Oil assists transitional recognition & ongoing fragrant support for changing lifestyle.

EXPERIENTIAL ASSIMULATION: [Wisdom] Acceptance & Self approval of experience. Appreciation of the Self at foundation levels of personality for accomplishment & skill. Fragrant helper in awakening new awareness of personal wisdom traits & dynamics within! Also assists the use of wise ways for the individual.

GENEROSITY: [Attention to issues surrounding lack of personal generosity & malcontent ion with others.] Encourages Self reflection into source of lack within, fragrant assistance towards healing & resolution of issues triggering inability to give to & share with others.

HYPOCHONDRIA: Addressing core issues of psychosis: deep fear of the body, manifests multiple symptoms of disease & sustains unmanageable lifestyle. Assists therapy work in addressing core issues & maintaining meditative practice towards resolving fear of the body. Encourages beginning new relationship with the body & release of ‘what may come’.

[OVER] INTELLECTUALIZATION: [Core issues: masks lack of Self worth, deep fear of disapproval, lack of ability & demonstration, control & dominance needs for Self validation, abusive defensiveness with others, manipulative tendencies.] Assists addressing issues fragrantly in changing behavior & Self concepts. Helps to arouse healthy intellect & ability to share exploration & discovery of the New!

[THOUGHTFUL] INTELLIGENCE: [Demonstration of the healer!] Crown Chakra Oil stimulates your natural skill to share, learn & grow with others, develop evolving thought patterns towards greater capacity for open-mindedness, Spiritual expression & kindness.

ISOLATION: [Multiple issues: domestic abuse, low Self esteem & social withdrawal, disaster trauma, stealing & theft (as a lifestyle), sexual frigidity, bi-polar depression-manic, childhood abuse issues.] Assist addressing specific issues through therapy with fragrant support. Awakens innate desire for community & sharing.

MISINFORMATION (See dogma): [Choosing to give value to impossible or unreasonable ideas, institiutions, situations or events.] Assists in Self reflection & meditation in changing attitude & behavior oriented in misinformation.

SELF KNOWLEDGE: [Independent intelligence.] Assists in developing Self actualizing habits of thought & behavior…taking action instead of only relating through ideas & opening your mind towards change / inner growth.


In General: DOI Serpent Fire Oil opens your Kundalini primordial energies for leaps of growth, dramatic shifts in awareness, awakens your superconsciousness & actualizes your Self knowledge into physical, mental & spiritual transcendence. The Kundalini within you awakens during each of your key life passages’. The following index of indications correlate to your primal serpent energies of Kundalini. DOI Serpent Fire Oil will enhance your healing strategies in working with your Kundalini activations.

AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS: [Through physical transformation triggers: traumatic, recycling pain, phantom pain, muscle spasms, energy surges, intense heat & cold, extreme hyperactivity swinging to overwhelming fatigue, drastic shift in sleeping or eating patterns, irregular sexuality desire or confusion & migraines.] Serpent Fire Oil stimulates Kundalini energy exercises to assist balance & CHI-flow.

DEPRESSION FUGE: [Experience of seemingly endless chaos in life triggering bouts of deep depression.] Fragrant support & stimulation of Kundalini during meditation practice in balancing assent of serpent energies. Assist in triggering new awareness of process working within you.

EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS: [Spontaneous, accompanied by multiple rising Kundalini symptoms.] Assists to embrace & release emotions with healthy intentions for clearing…supports ‘giving over’ to the experience.

INCREASED CREATIVITY: Fragrant encouragement to harness energy surges & intense concentration. Stimulates creative nature towards new challenge.

MENTAL DISORIENTATION: [Phase in, phase out symptom of Kundalini assent.] Fragrant support for grounding & establishing new focusing skills.

MENTAL / EMOTIONAL / SENUAL PRIMA MATERIA: [Initiative onset of Kundalini chaos & disruption of physical body – promoting mental instability.] Fragrant support & assistance to move consciously into Kundalini energies. Assists balancing meditations & healing visualizations.

MENTAL STABILITY: Fragrantly helps you to establish mental / emotional grounding during passages of Kundalini energies.

RECYCLING DEPRESSION: [Natural progression of life, symptoms of Kundalini assent.] Supports visualizations & meditation healing & balancing work. Stimulates mental stamina.

REFORMATION OF VALUES: [Physical trauma & recycling symptoms trigger deep inner reflection or crisis. Emotional dilemma recycles in adjustment to physical crisis.] Serpent Fire Oil assists grounding & sustains a new awareness of symptoms. Assists to dispel & compensate for inner turmoil.

SPONTANEOUS CRYING: [Symptom of Kundalini assent, emotional spontaneity.] Assists grounding Kundalini forces triggering emotional displays. Helps to ‘be all right with it’…allowing the emotions to flow naturally.

SPONTANEOUS VOCALIZATIONS: [Symptom of Kundalini assent, emotional spontaneity.] Stimulates new awareness of vocal harmony, resonance & using it as a healing tool or initializer.

TINTITUS: [Spontaneous, accompanied by multiple rising Kundalini symptoms.] Helps to encourage awareness of the temporary nature of the affliction; calms & helps with allowance. Stimulates the ability to reach past the incessant noise to filter possible multidimensional information.


VIOLET DRAGON OIL is designed to introduce continuous flow of CHI energies within your environment or yourself. As a holistic healing application, it will address and soothe the following issues and maladies.

DAILY / EVENING STRESS RELEASER: Assists relaxation & release of daily stress; a decompression of the days events. Allows calming & restoration of positive mood.

EMOTIONAL BALANCER: Fragrant remedy for unsettled nerves, resolving the day’s dilemmas, releasing any emotional toxicity from work environment & restoring emotional harmony in your space.

MENTAL ACUITY: Wonderful general fragrant tonic for relaxing & allowing the mind to work in continuous flow (past distractions!). Handy, ready remedy!

MEMORY AGENT: Acts to fragrantly calm the mind & allow memory dysfunction or sluggishness to dissipate.

MENTAL EXPANSION: Fragrant relaxation tonic allowing mind to expand & allow for new concepts / ideas to from comprehensively.

TAI CHI ENHANCEMENT: Excellent fragrant companion for TAI CHI exercise / sessions. Allows opening of subtle fields for CHI flow, grounds gracious motion in physicality & focuses the mind in the moment!



[A phobia is an unreasonable fear of something]. The following listing will provide correlative Chakra / Chakra Oil to use in assisting you to bring your Chakra into balance and release the issues tied to the fear-phobia using aromachology (fragrance designed to create or inspire a specific quality of mind). ]

“Fight your unreasonable fears with unreasonable faith.”

Darkness [Achluophobia]: *remedy / Crown Chakra – revealing the ‘Light within’ you.

Heights [Acrophobia]: *remedy / Base Chakra – developing grounded-ness & proper boundaries.

Insanity [Agateophobia]: *remedy / Crown Chakra – grasping sense of Divine Self (essential Self).

Pain [Agliophobia]: *remedy / Sacral Chakra – developing healthy experience with sensation/sensuality.

Leaving home [Agoraphobia]: *remedy – Base Chakra – developing a well grounded sense of security.

Flowers [Anthrophobia]: *remedy / Heart Chakra – developing a sincere relationship with Nature.

Cats [Ailurophobia]: *remedy / Solar Plexus Chakra – developing your sense of personal power.

Staying Single [Anuptaphobia]: *remedy / Base Chakra – developing personal foundations & Self actualization.

Bees [Apiphobia]: *remedy / Base Chakra – developing personal assurity in your ability to heal yourself.

Failure [Atychiphobia]: *remedy / Base Chakra – developing financial foundations ^ Throat Chakra – developing creative skills to support desires to build foundations.

Being Alone (or by yourself) [Autophobia]: *remedy / Sacral Chakra – developing healthy relationship with Self.

Being close to high buildings [Batophobia]: *remedy / Base Chakra – balanced sense of boundaries & personal sense of grounded-ness.

Body smells [Bromidrosiphobia]: *remedy / Alta Chakra – directly addressing ‘unreasonable fears’ – adjunct to OCD and Bi-Polar issues…phantoms smells.

New things & ideas [Cenophobia]: *remedy / Third Eye Chakra – balancing your imagination.

Cancer [Carcinophobia]: *remedy / Base Chakra – balancing your sense of being in the ‘here and now’ ^ Crown Chakra – actualizing an understanding of surrender.

Being Touched [Chiraptophobia]: *remedy / Sacral Chakra – transforming abuse issues & developing sensuality.

Chemicals / working with [Chemophobia]: *remedy / Solar Plexus – developing a sense of authority.

Money! [Chrematophobia]: *remedy / Base Chakra – well developed sense of foundations & Self actualization.

Confined places [Claustrophobia]: *remedy / Heart Chakra – allowing new experiences & developing adventure.

Clowns [Coulrophobia]: *remedy / Alta Chakra – awareness of delusion & coordinating what you see & think.

Computers [Cyberphobia]: *remedy / Throat Chakra – developing a sense of expanding communication & creativity. Self expansion.

Dogs (rabies) [Cynophobia]: *remedy / Heart Chakra – intimate sense of relationship with life surrounding you & allowing the sanctity of living things. (Self awareness)

Decision making [Decidophobia]: *remedy / Solar Plexus Chakra – developing sense of personal authority.

Demons [Demonophobia]: *remedy / Crown Chakra – developing relationship with personal Divinity.

Dentists [Dentophobia]: *remedy / Solar Plexus Chakra – developing personal authority / power.

Accidents [Dystychiphobia]: *remedy / Third Eye Chakra – developing sense of Self autonomy.

Church [Ecclesiophobia]: *remedy / Throat Chakra – developing inner truths, expression of personal truth.

Crowds [Enochlophobia]: * remedy / Solar Plexus Chakra – establishing Self authority.

Knowledge [Epistmophobia]: * remedy / Crown Chakra – grasping the opportunities for Self growth.

Work [Ergophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – redefining your concepts of survival & Self assurity.

Sexual conversation or contact [Erotophobia]: * remedy / Sacral Chakra – developing healthy personal expression of sexuality.

Aging [Gerontophobia]: * remedy / Crown Chakra – developing a healthy sense of Self respect & Self wisdom-encouraging the adventure of life!

Public speaking [Glossophobia]: * remedy / Throat Chakra – grasping personal creativity & natural urge to share.

Women [Gynephobia]: * remedy / Sacral Chakra – healing the Inner Child & grasping duality (polarity) of the Self.

Hell [Hadephobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – developing strong sense of present moment (here & Now).

Sun [Heliophobia]: * remedy / Solar Plexus Chakra – rediscovering your essential physical vitality through relationship with the Sun.

Reptiles [Herpetophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – reconnecting to the primal or primary Self (serpent energies present in the human anatomy).

Horses [Hippophobia]: * remedy / Heart Chakra – extending your (or developing) your bond with Nature.

Homosexuality [Homophobia]: * remedy / Sacral Chakra – developing your personal sexuality, accepting personal sexual expression without judgment.

Water [Hydrophobia]: * remedy / Third Eye Chakra – releasing fear of the Unknown, developing a healthy sense of adventure for exploration / extending personal boundaries – OR releasing sense of doom & fear of Shark attack.

Doctors [Iatrophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – fear of death – developing skills & sense of survival.

Jews [Judeophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra (inherited fear) – really, education & acceptance. Or Crown Chakra – developing concept of Self Divinity.

Cosmic phenomenon [Cosmikophobia]: * remedy / Alta Chakra – developing healthy curiosity for cultural & planetary changes / growth / evolution.

Tornadoes & hurricanes [Lilapsophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – developing personal sense of survival & Self assurity.

Machines [Mechanophobia]: * remedy / Throat Chakra – developing healthy imagination & creative nature.

Alcohol [Methyphobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – releasing childhood traumas.

Disease [Monopathophobia]: * remedy / Crown Chakra – releasing fears of the Unknown.

Myth / falsehoods [Mythophobia]: * remedy / Throat Chakra – developing a sense of wonder & exploration of (personal & planetary) origins.

Death or the dead [Necrophobia]: * remedy / Crown Chakra – developing awareness of Spiritual nature.

Night [Noctiphobia]: * remedy / Solar Plexus Chakra – rediscovering a sense of wonder & adventure.

Becoming ill [Nosophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – developing a grounded sense of living in the moment, Self assurity in the Now.

Nuclear weapons [Nucleomituphobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – releasing the need for control.

Numbers [Numerophobia]: * remedy / Alta Chakra – developing a sense of wonder for creation (for how things work).

Gaining weight [Obesophobia]: * remedy / Sacral Chakra – developing intimate nature with Self & Self acceptance.

Dreams [Oneirophobia]: * remedy / Third Eye Chakra – developing a personal sense of vision & creative nature.

Heaven [Ouranophobia]: * remedy / Crown Chakra – overcoming an inability to demonstrate eternity.

Sexual perversion [Paraphobia]: * remedy / Sacral Chakra – developing your personal sexual expression without guilt.

Children [Pedophobia]: * remedy / Heart Chakra – releasing childhood trauma & excepting Inner Child.

Poverty [Peniaphobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – developing personal sense of survival & Self assurity in the moment.

Taking medication [Pharmacophobia]: * remedy / Throat Chakra – releasing fear of purification process.

Falling / being in love [Philophobia]: * remedy / Heart Chakra – overcoming fear of revealing the intimate Self to someone else.

Spirit(s) [Pneumaticphobia]: * remedy / Crown Chakra – releasing fear of connective-ness with All That Is (GOD fears).

Progress [Prosophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – releasing deep need for control.

Fire [Pyrophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – developing Self assurity & survival skills.

Moon [Selenophobia]: * remedy / Crown Chakra – developing personal assurity of grounded-ness in here & now, sense of Self presence, not being ‘lost’ in lunacy.

Learning [Sophophobia]: * remedy / Alta Chakra – developing personal methods of understanding & integration of new information (growth).

Dependence on others [Soteriophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – releasing the need to control & developing sense of compatibility / compassion for the Self.

Technology [Technophobia]: * remedy / Third Eye Chakra – releasing the past.

Sea [Thalassophobia]: * remedy / Heart Chakra – developing personal connections to Home / planet.

Thunder [Tonitrophobia]: * remedy / Heart Chakra – developing personal sense of wonder with Nature.

Places / situations (stage fright) [Topophobia]: * remedy / Heart Chakra – focusing in the moment.

Germs [Verminophobia]: * remedy / Base Chakra – developing assured Self of survival & ability to heal.

Witches [Wiccaphobia]: * remedy / Crown Chakra – developing assurity for personal Spiritual nature.

Animals [Zoophobia]: * remedy / Heart Chakra –developing a personal connective-ness to Nature & all living aspects of life on planet.

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