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The following indications in using fragrance to help remedy the physical BODY.

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In General: DOI Base (Muladhara) Chakra Oil will invigorate your stamina, awaken your sense of smell, focus your awareness / will in consciously working (physically) to recover from illness and disease. The following indexing of symptoms and use describe when to apply Base Chakra Oil for healing meditations or assistance in subtle healing techniques. Working on the healthy balance of your Base Chakra initiates your recovery from these maladies.

APPETITE: Stimulation to recover physical health, focusing your will / intentions in overcoming bulimia, eases you into the process of fasting.

ADDITCTION: (General) Useful during withdrawal symptoms to maintain focus of recovery, stimulates your honest (introspective) commitment to the Self. Strengthens connections to essential Self.

AIDS & HIV POSITIVE: Encourages Self esteem to create your good health, encourages complete Self acceptance.

ALLERGIES: (General) Promotes stamina during allergic reactions.

ARTHRITIS: Acute RHEUMATOID & BURSITIS conditions: topical application soothes acute tightness in joints, renews personal endurance to push forward with everyday living.

BACKACHES: LOWER: increases a solid sense of Self, releases projections of ‘what may come’.

BLOOD PRESSURE: Wonderful application fragrantly persuading your nerves with a soothing, grounded state of mind.

BROKEN BONES/FRACTURES: Aromatic triggering for the mechanism of reconstructive healing during mending period, nurtured by base chakra energies.

CHRONIC FATIGUE: IMPAIRED SHORT TERM MEMORY & FLEETING CONCENTRATION – sensually stimulates renewal of enthusiasm, increases desire for good, nutritionally sustaining food, triggers your awareness to the emotionally toxic levels of your environment (encouraging new choices.)

HORMONAL IMBALANCE – fragrantly focuses your ability to mentally encourage and anchor balancing energies within…excellent meditation aid in this exercise.

COLDS & FLU: Excellent sensual companion during evening hours to stimulate quicker recovery during sleep.

EARACHE-INFECTIONS: Excellent visualization & meditation aid to revitalize & clean your bloodstream!

FEVERS: Sensually used in recovery room to provide a vital environment.

FIBROID TUMORS: Fragrantly urges a committed sense of Self, Self accepting and Self loving (addressing causation).

FIBROMYALGIA: Sensual relief for the multiple symptoms. Grounding and focusing towards recovery…please see relative symptoms. Releasing and allowing resource for healing / recovery in your essential Self.

GUMS – PYORRHEA: Acute conditions/meditation aid in visualizations for stimulating recovery of gum health and cessation of bleeding. (A good application of myrrh & tea tree essential oils to gums will encourage physical recovery!)

HEART- STROKE OR ATTACK: Excellent fragrant assistant during recovery work, helping to stay focused on achieving those first small goals in your program.

HERPES: Encourages your personal commitment to Self esteem and Self awareness (maintaining physical harmony & releasing viral attraction.)

LIVER: Use Base Chakra Oil to stimulate your healing exercises when working on liver issues; helps to strengthen resolve dealing with any issues concerning the blood. (Relating to Jaundice / Hepatitis).

LUPUS: Fragrant assurance working to set your will to express yourself with out fear and to reinforce Self esteem. MENOPAUSE / PERI-MENOPUSAL: Use Base Chakra Oil to assist your emotional flexibility with the seesaw of hormones; the on again, off again menses.

PHYSICAL ABUSE: Base Chakra Oil assists recovery from physical abuse, helping to urge primary survival energies. Grounding into the Earth Mother for recovery.

SENILITY: Sensually stimulates accepting being ‘here and now’.

SHOULDERS: For aching shoulders, sensually assists to root yourself consciously into the Earth Mother to adjust to a positive posture.

SLIPPED DISC: Aromatic balm in addressing pain, pain management and releasing primal fear (causation). Transforming the fear of survival.

SPINAL CURVATURE: Fragrant assistance grounding to Earth Mother for adjusting to a more positive posture. STERILITY: Base Chakra oil will assist grounding into the Earth Mother , helping to reinforce sense of Self at a primal level.

TEETH: Urges natural healing in any tooth related phenomena. (root canal work)

(FEAR OF BEING) TOUCHED:Sensually focuses you within yourself, grounded and assured, releasing fear of harm or violation.


In General: DOI Sacral (Svadhisthana) Chakra Oil will awaken your sense of taste, sensually stimulate revitalization of your skin, assist working on issues dealing with balancing your reproductive organs and processes, the effects of self abusive demonstrations (self defilement or self inflicted physical abuse) and help you define your physical grace. The following indexing of symptoms and use describe when to apply Sacral Chakra Oil for healing meditations or assistance in subtle healing techniques. Working on the healthy balance of your Sacral Chakra initiates your recovery from these maladies.

ABORTION: Recovering from this turmoil is an emotional/physical process. Sacral Chakra Oils stimulates recovery.

ABUSE: (General-physical) Sensual assistant in grasping the sense of Self necessary for complete recovery.

ADDICTION (ALCOHOL): Fragrant stimulant helping to re- discover and re-evaluate life situations / conditions. (HEROIN) – Wonderful, fragrant meditation aid to remain committed in your recovery process.

AIDS & HIV POSITIVE:Coming to terms with the demonstration of your sexuality…Self acceptance in order to trigger physical healing. Support in maintaining strong T-cell vitality.

APPETITE – OBESITY: Assisting release of the Self judgment triggering the oral gratification that avoids the causation of emotional issues responsible.

APHRODISIAC: Relaxes & releases tension, inhibitions & fears of intimacy.

BACKACHES: (middle back) Stimulates self awareness of your sexuality and nurtures your sense of sexual freedom.

BLOOD: Helps to soothe the nerves and reduce hypertension.

CHOLESTEROL: Assists meditations of self discipline and regulation of the body.

CONSTIPATION: Helps to release the need to manipulate and allows flow and regulation.

FLEXABILITY: Topical remedy for stiff muscles. Stimulates range & flexability!

FIBROID TUMORS: Assists your healing exercises, focuses on positive expression of feminine authority.

HIP PROBLEMS: Fragrantly assists your focus in a balanced forward motion (creating physical /emotional balance).

KNEE / LEG PROBLEMS: Assists positive forward motion, awakens physical grace and elasticity to heal hesitant knees and legs. Transmutes fear of the Unknown to embrace adventure / your future.

MENOPAUSE: Sensually assists your visualizations and demonstrations of sexual balance regarding your natural aging process. Assists warmth & comfort, ease from symptoms.

MENUSTRATION: Excellent application during PMS, cramping or excessive bleeding, encourages natural feminine authority, relieving tension, confusion and impotency feelings.

LOSS OF SENSUALITY: Assist to revive your sense of taste. Excellent sensual assistant working towards reawakening or sharpening all physical senses.

PHYSICAL GRACIOUSNESS: Empowering your Sacral Chakra develops your physical grace. Helps to work out rigidity and muscle tension.

PERI-MENOPAUSAL : (Breasts) Useful aromatic helper as fleeting pains arise during onset of menopause in relieving worry and stress (natural phenomenon).

SEXUAL: Excellent aromatic aid in working to relieve dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity or non orgasmic symptoms.

SKIN: Excellent meditation aid in healing skin conditions. A topical tonic, use Sacral Chakra Oil to bathe in!

SPINAL CURVATURE: Fragrantly supports new enthusiasm to express with physical grace.

STERILITY: Encourages your natural desire to nurture as a parent.

SURGICAL RECOVERY: Relaxing, allowing fragrant balm ensuring vital, whole recovery.

SWELLING (EDEMA): Arouses the body. Provokes motion and elasticity; preventative to swelling.

URINARY: Promotes regular, healthy motion and bodily processing.


In General: DOI Solar Plexus (Manipuraka) Chakra Oil will help vitalize your adrenal, diaphragm, digestive and abdominal organs. Solar Plexus Chakra Oil will stimulate your sense of sight. The following indexing of symptoms will describe when to apply Solar Plexus Chakra Oil for healing meditations or assistance with your subtle healing techniques. Working on the healthy balance of your Solar Plexus Chakra initiates your recovery from these maladies.

APPETITE: (All eating disorders including: ANOREXIA, BULIMIA & OVEREATING) Stimulates your mental regulation of impulse and desire. Nurtures your primal instinct for supreme health.

ARTHRITIS: (CHRONIC / BURSITIS) Assists Self healing techniques and opening allowance of Self sustained values (dissipating negative judgment from others). Aids topical relief of physical symptoms.

BLOOD (HYPERTENSION): Aromatic aid in calming the metabolism. Helps you to develop emotional discipline; ensuring more balanced mental process.

CHRONIC FATIGUE: Rejuvenating aromatic formula! Stimulates physical appetite engenders your desire for physical activity. Assists the reduction of headaches and general malaise after exertions.

CROHN’S DISEASE: (Irritated bowl syndrome* & Diarrhea) Topical applications stimulates regularity. Fragrantly urges you towards Self actualization, relieving sense of powerlessness. DIABETES /(HYPOGLYCEMIA): Promotes accurate sense of physical metabolism. Assists your ability to regulate a balance of body energies with healthy nutritional adjustments. Stimulates renewal of physical energies. FEVER: Excellent aromatic application to stimulate the climax of fever and engage physical recovery.

GALL BLADDER: Recovery of gall stone maladies, Solar Plexus Chakra Oil is the perfect topical tonic!

HYPERTENSION: Enhances physical programs & commitments to reduce stress levels, adjust diet & stimulates new physical energy for implementing change in lifestyle.

HORMONAL IMBALANCE: Fragrant meditation aid when working to re-balance your metabolism and glandular functions through balancing Solar Plexus chakra.

INDIGESTION: Another topical and fragrant tonic as digestive aid!

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Excellent fragrant remedy for visualizing subtle vitality and release of paralysis. A good topical stimulator!

PARKINSON’S DISEASE: Assists healing meditations, useful topical tonic brings focus to the essential Self’s dominion of the body.

SEIZURES & SPASMS (MUSCLES): Meditation and visualization balancing of the Solar Plexus chakra to establish muscle control. Fragrant companion in the evening to help dissipate leg cramps and spasms in bed. Compliments ongoing therapies with CEREBRAL PALSY.

STOMACH: Fragrantly aids relief from acid reflux, indigestion & nervous stomach symptoms.

SPINAL: Sensual focusing agent assisting ongoing therapies. Grounding emotions in the healthy base of your essential Self, allowing gracious physicality.


In General: DOI Heart (Anahata) Chakra Oil awakens your sense of touch; your physical demonstration of care. The physical relationship your Heart Chakra shares with your body includes the heart, lungs, thymus, breasts and arms. The following indexing of symptoms and use describe when to apply Heart Chakra Oil for healing meditations or assistance in subtle healing techniques. Working on the healthy balance of your Heart Chakra initiates your recovery from these maladies.

ASTHMA: Aromatic soother, claming agent excellent in recovery from asthmatic episodes. Refreshment from panic. ANOREXIA: Fragrant instillation honoring the You who is beautiful and Self fulfilling, within. Helps to establish a healthy heart based companionship with your body and fulfilling your body’s healthy needs.

AIDS & HIV POSITIVE: (MOST VITAL CHAKRA TO WORK ONGOING WITH RECOVERY & MAINTAINING IMMUNE SYSTEM) Always providing a fragrant rescue agent during viral active stage. Urges recuperative mental state of mind. Stimulates emotional release of disease on primal levels. Relieves associative anxieties in urging the opening of the heart chakra(providing more clear flow of CHI to strengthen the immune system.)

BLOOD: (CIRCULATION) Fragrant stimulation! Urges easy, carefree motion; stimulation of healthy exercise.

BREASTS: Stimulates healthy expression of the Self and posture (sunken chest). Nurturing the Self. CANCER / assists fragrantly to release Self disapproval and engenders choosing recovery.

BREATH: Aromatic assistant helping to calm rapid breath.

ECZEMA (Psoriais): Stimulates the action of Self forgiveness, releasing guilt triggering skin afflictions.

FIBROID TUMORS: Fragrantly addresses causation and stimulates Self actualized worthiness & feminine authority.

HEART: ATTACK – Aromatic helper to recognize and accept compassion for the Self. STROKE – Strengthens the immune system through new awareness of unconditional acceptance of the essential Self. MURMUR – Awakens the ability to allow Self forgiveness. Assists fragrantly in recovery from heart disease and surgery.

HERNIA & Hemorrhoids: Releasing need for control.

INSOMNIA: Provides a calming, restorative environment for sleep.

LUPUS: Fragrant inspiration to address root causation sourced in abandonment (accepting Self nurture), acknowledging grief and betrayal to make new choices for releasing the core issues.

MENUSTRATION: Sensually relieves stress, irritability and general PMS symptoms.

SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION: Fragrantly encourages Self acceptance of unconditional love and loving Approaching physical union (EROS) through spiritual embrace.

THYROID: Encourages new behavior patterns in healthy function of lymphatic systems through Self nurture (healthy nutritional approach.)

TUBERCULOSIS: Fragrantly triggers Self empathy, urging breath work and rejuvenation in desire to heal completely.

TOUCH (pressure/sensitivity): Fragrantly works to urge dissipation of common fear and lack of trust.


In General: DOI Throat (Vissudha) Chakra Oil will help heal disorders of the throat, ears, voice, neck, jaw and address toxicity within the body. Your Throat Chakra will open your connections to Spirit; your sensuality of Ether and your transcending personality, demonstrating transmutation through your intentions. The following indexing of symptoms and use describe when to apply Throat Chakra Oil for healing meditations or assistance in subtle healing techniques. Working on the healthy balance of your Throat Chakra initiates your recovery from these maladies.

ADDICTIONS: Excellent application topically to help release body toxins. Fragrantly impulses a holistic purification process.

ALLERGIES: Detoxifies the body, (sinus relief). ALCOHOL: Fragrantly stimulates the need to cleanse body and mind.

BACKACHE: (Upper) Sensually stimulates release of domineering impulse, relieves the stress on the shoulders (between the shoulder blades).

BLOOD: (Poisoning) Topical fragrant assistant for cleansing / purifying the body.

BREATH: (Congestion – labored breathing) Topical tonic agent. Stimulates the voice of personal truth, releasing blockage and resistance.

CANDIDA: (Food allergies, fungal, cystitis, infections) Topical tonic and fragrant stimulation to speak out personal truth relative to repression and guilt over unspoken or secretive situations or events and purifying the root cause of disease.

EARS: (Earaches & infections) Topical tonic for cleansing the blood. Sensual assistant sharpening focus and clarity of listening skills.

FUNGUS: (General) Sensually triggers detoxifying mentality. Topical aid for inhibiting fungal growth / or infestation.

GUM DISEASE: Working with creative visualization and subtle healing techniques; sensual stimulator for purification.

HERPES: Stimulates purge of virus through detoxifying of the body (through fragrant application). Addresses need to clarify inner truths and demonstrate personally resonant voice. Throat Chakra Oil assists your creative expression, eliminating the imbalance of repressed ideas or values.

INFECTIONS: (General) Topical tonic for purification of the body. Fragrantly urges clear communication, attentive listening skills and releasing your creative blockage. Promotes creativity as therapy in clarifying intentions.

LARYNGITIS: Aromatic initiator of your resonant voice! Encourages a sense of timing for Self expression.

LUPUS: Recovery from verbal abuse, overbearing criticism and authoritarian parental influences. Assists loosening of the jaw, allowing Self truth and creative healing. Fragrant application.

NECK PROBLEMS: Topical tonic and applications. Fragrantly inspires rhythm, advantageous timing sense and inner resolve to face situations or events with Self assurity. Releases stress and tension between your shoulder blades.

SHOULDER PROBLEMS: (refer to shoulder symptoms) Topical application will ease tension and soothe muscles.

SORE THROAT: (CHRONIC) Fragrant calming and healing remedy for your voice. Excellent visualization application in cooling the heat of soreness. Releasing repressed expression.

THYROID: Aromatic assistant initiating clear, creative Self expression and archetypal understanding – awareness. Hearing and speaking truth brings balance to mind and body, regulating the glandular system.

VIRUS: Wonderful aromatic healing balm used against virus. Stimulates awareness of purification; the result of facing and transforming lack of Self trust, the foundation of the immune system’s vitality.


In General: DOI Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra Oil will help you awaken and refine your imagination as it clarifies your subtle sensuality with it’s ability to direct physical healing through creative visualization techniques. Your sensitized awareness of your body is enabled through your imagination, the territory of your Third Eye. The physical maladies include the head, basic brain functions and your sensory organs. The following indexing of symptoms and use describe when to apply Third Eye Chakra Oil for healing meditations or assistance in subtle healing techniques. Working on the healthy actions of your Third Eye Chakra initiates significant healing and recovery from these maladies.

AIDS: Assists the lessening of headaches – confusion (onset of dementia) applied fragrantly (within the environment).

ALLERGIES: (SINUS) Topical aid to releasing pressure of filled sinus’ clearing passages. Stimulant for connection to imagery clearing sinus’. Helps to alleviate sinus headache, topically applied.

ALZHEIMER’S: Triggers clarity of vision, stimulating awareness of being in the NOW.

EPILEPSY: Assists ongoing visualization therapies to stimulate CHI flow through brain and circulatory system. Stimulates conscious relationship with causation, engendering release of malady on root levels.

EYES: [Farsighted] Helps to focus your sense of presence. [Glaucoma] Assists the development of inner vision / applying to physical visionary abilities and strengthening quality of your present vision.

HEADACHES: [MIGRAINES] A fine sensual helper to soothe and calm, allowing tightness and constriction of blood vessels to release. [CHRONIC] Helps to create visual introduction to root causation: insensitivity, lack of imagination, denial and mono-polarization (disallowing other points of view or opinions).

INSOMNIA: Aromatic helper at bedtime to visualize release of control, focus on restful and restorative sleep. Topically useful on the brow prior to bedtime.

MOTION SICKNESS (VERTIGO): Topical and fragrant application to restore your sense of physical balance.

NARCOLEPSY: Fragrantly impulses strong visualization of remaining in the present, the NOW, and creating proper boundaries.

PAIN MANAGEMENT: Fragrant assistant in working a successful program and applying new mental therapies. SENILITY: Topical tonic to promote remaining in the ‘here and NOW’. Stimulates visualizations that intentionally commit the consciousness in the present time.


In General: DOI Alta (Chandra or 8th) Chakra Oil will reveal the Alta Chakra as your middle pillar (Sushumna Nadis) and physical vitality filter. It polarizes the visualization capacities of your Third Eye Chakra and actualizes your ability to heal your physical body through intentional healing techniques. The physical relationship it sustains is your ability to use polarity as a tool of balanced good health. Right brain functioning in the capacity of Self healing is addressed. The following indexing of symptoms and use describe when to apply Alta Chakra Oil for healing meditations or assistance in subtle healing techniques. Working on the healthy balance of your Alta Chakra initiates your recovery from these maladies.

BIRTH DEFECTS: Actively working through the Alta Chakra to transmute our Karmic issues with creative visualization to embrace our Darker aspects. This action stimulates our physical vitality to address therapy and recovery.

BRAIN TUMOR: Fragrant guide to stimulate Inner Healer who uses focused intention and will to stimulate cleansing of carcinogens through subtle healing techniques.

HERNIA: Stimulates our acceptance of others; releasing unreasonable or aggressive attitudes. Relinquishing control issues urges forgiveness and heals the spasm reflex of causation.

HERPES: Fragrant balm. Encourages resolution of negative polarized thought patterns. Releases the need to hold on to recycling anger causing irritating virus symptoms.

HIVES & RASHES: (see Herpes) Aromatic stimulant for working to achieve liberation of from intense addictive behavior and unmanageable lifestyle choices triggering abrupt physical symptoms (appearance of rash or hives).

SLEEP: Balm to inner emotional upheaval, encourages opening an inner territory of peace. Temporary resolution to inner polarities allowing harmonious quiet mind and restful presence.

WARTS: Fragrantly assists letting go of deeply buried spiritual anger / causation.


In General: DOI Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra Oil will reveal the crucial relationship our spiritual nature provides in our supreme good physical health and devotion to our body. Crown Chakra Oil introduces the role of inspiration and guidance in physical healing as a gift of growth. The physical maladies addressed include your nervous system, pineal and pituitary glands and harmonious dual (right / left) brain capacity. The following indexing of symptoms and use describe when to apply Crown Chakra Oil for healing meditations or assistance in subtle healing techniques. Working with an awareness of your Crown Chakra can initiate your recovery from these maladies.

ADDICTIONS: Fragrantly helps you comprehend the spiritual cynicism triggered by the oppression of materialism, dominion by others forced belief systems and lies forcing your retreat or escape from life. Assists you to honestly face the physical crisis of addiction. Encourages your intelligent nature and open minded understanding…the perfect formula for recovery.

BIRTH DEFECTS: Aromatic help to open the Crown Chakra for understanding of past life issues. This is a karmic related malady. Our karmic legacies are our opportunities for further evolution in the present life we are living. Addressing them will stimulate physical therapies and engender true progress for recovery.

BRAIN LESIONS / TUMORS: Aromatic assistant working to resolve inner confusion and deep dilemma revolving around your spiritual nature.

CANCER (GENERAL): Attending the physical exhaustion of the body (and mind). Facing the trauma (material reality) of Death is necessary to begin the healing of the physical body! Crown Chakra Oil stimulates resolve in reconnecting to Spirit that vitalizes us. Balanced health care including allopathic remedies, nutritional guidance / adherence and fearless journeying into our personal nature is only the beginning of facing a recovery from cancer. Understanding that only in transmuting our deepest FEARS through embracing the Self (love for the Self). Seek qualified guidance and care giving. Learn how to surrender. Each of the Chakra Oils offers relative aromatic assistance with specific Cancer issues (relative to body function and correlative chakra).

HEADACHES [MIGRAINES]: (A form of psychic Self attack) Fragrantly stimulates reopening your sensitivity and your heart to reconnect with your spiritual nature. This Self respect loosens the grasp of Self judgment (causation) and rekindles your highest integrity (Self attitude) dissipating the trigger for migraines.

NERVES: Excellent fragrant nerve tonic or balm when in an excited state or in panic.

PAIN (CHRONIC): Assist fragrantly in pain management programs. Excellent meditation sustainer. Reveals the essential choice in powerlessness…reopening our ability to freely make new choices. (Accepting responsibility and relieving the great stress agitating / generating pain.)

REST & RESTORATION: Excellent fragrant sleeping companion! Quiets the body and mind peacefully.


In General: Serpent Fire Kundalini Oil will introduce you to the most awesome healing capacity your physical body posses. It is the residue of universal fire responsible for your physical body’s creation, still connected to universal holism. It is called your Kundalini. Learning to awaken and work with it using creative visualization exercises and yoga practice will empower your intentions and actions of healing manifestly. The following is an indexing of indications for use with Serpent Fire Oil.

ADDICTIONS: The same emotional commitment you have chosen to be addicted can be reversed with careful application of Kundalini intentions and visualizations for recovery. Kundalini stimulation triggers a synthesis from the Base Chakra up through the Crown Chakra, engaging holistic presence. Focused, intended commitment to abstinence and recovery for physical vitality.

CANCER [GENERAL]: Aligning and empowering complete chakra system to stimulate major vital systems of the body. Working with subtle healing visualizations. Excellent companion agent for ongoing therapies. Stimulates Kundalini energies to assist in physical recovery from atomic medical treatments.

HIV [ACTIVE VIRUS]: (refer to above) Systemic chakra trigger of awakening primal healing energies. Fragrant helper and empowerment in subtle healing visualizations. Reawakening and revitalization of the immune system.

DIABETES [HYPERGLYCEMIA]: Engaging the Kundalini energies to assist regulation of vital organs. Fragrant tonic to help relieve effects of low blood sugar.

LUPUS: (refer to AIDS indications) Raising Kundalini energies to companion creative visualizations and subtle healing techniques designed to address the symptoms / effects of LUPUS. Kundlini energies used as clearing agent for healing.


VIOLET DRAGON OIL is designed to introduce continuous flow of CHI energies within your environment or yourself. As a holistic healing application, it will address and soothe the following issues and maladies. A full description of Violet Dragon Oil is provided on page 9 of the DOI catalog.

ILLNESS RECOVERY: The essential oil combinations in Violet Dragon Oil provide an excellent soothing agent within your environment. Topical applications will stimulate a continuous flow of CHI vitality, pushing beyond any blockage or stagnation and stimulate a hasty recovery.

ONGOING PHYSICAL THERAPIES: Violet Dragon Oil stimulates vitality and enthusiasm in building and regaining good health. Very handy fragrant tool for feeling good!

RLEASING PAIN: Violet Dragon will fragrantly and topically encourage you to allow and breathe with deep cleansing. This breath action instructs the body to release pain and to revitalize physically. Practicing this will teach you natural pain management!

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