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Crown Chakra Oil

Crown Chakra Oil
Crown Chakra Oil
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Product Description

I AM INSPIRED! – Crown Chakra Oil

The shimmering essence of your best integrity and finest intentions shimmer upwardly into the heavens from your crown in violet or white Light filtered through your Crown Chakra. This is your Crown or Sahasrara Chakra fully connecting you with your Highest Self …your Soul. It waits perched at the edge of your recognition.

Your Crown Chakra triggers your consciousness fully beyond the elemental; a supraluminal transformation of in the perception of our world, an experience called transcendence. Descriptions include bliss, oneness and Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. Working with your Crown Chakra enables you to actualize your communion with All That Exists / Divine / Creatrix / Godhead consciousness…accepting that you are a Spiritual being with an eternal Soul. The emotional issue you face through your Crown Chakra is surrender. CHI transformation through your Crown Chakra vitalizes your nervous system, the pineal and pituitary glands while bringing harmonious flow to all the functions of your physical brain. The Crown element is luminosity – your consciousness. The subtle sensuality you manifest through your Crown Chakra is the experience of transcension, the absolute knowing that you are more than a physical body! Equally, through the lens of your Crown you comprehend the responsibility of your individual nature, in taking responsibility for yourself on every level of existence. You begin to understand a completeness that releases you from any Spiritual bondage or dogma sustaining your judgement of others in an extremity that perpetuates fear…the obstacle delaying your evolution. A balanced Crown Chakra disallows fear to be any part of your motivation for the choices you make. Working with your Crown Chakra naturally guides your personal power and discernment in recognition and relationship to the Divine within yourself. Embracing your free will and submitting only to your own deity creates a true willingness to surrender. You accept responsibility for yourself on all levels of existence. The flower: a 1000 petaled white lotus.

Notice the moments that you stop to observe beauty or in opposition, to the cruelty exposed to you and how do you carry it within? Some experiences change us forever; our personal adjustments during these situations create lasting values. These experiences can initiate the ‘dark night of the Soul’ providing the opportunity to change how we behave, fundamentally. If we continue to make unhealthy choices a ‘crisis of faith’ lasts until we redeem ourselves. Through our Crown Chakra we surrender to endings and new beginnings, resolution, redemption and completions. Our karma approaches us bringing the opportunity for dharma! Are you ready for evolution?

Weakened Crown Chakra:

η Dogmatic, usurping of individuality in others & enforcing your will on others to the point of cruelty

η Psychotic behavior, severe mental dysfunction, consuming selfishness, criminal & disallowing of the good in others Someone who inspires fear in others

Overactive Exhibition Crown Chakra:

η Lacks reason, mired down in frustration, common sense vacancy

η Mental illness degrades into catatonia

η No personal expression, reacts with sudden, horrific psychotic behavior & self-destruction recycles

η Retreats into mental then physical death

Balanced Expression of Crown Chakra:

η Joy surrounds an individual with a balanced Crown

η Body, mind & Spirit are in harmony

η Uses personal power with total fairness, accesses many levels of conscious awareness simultaneously

η Miracles happen for this individual!

Are you authoritative, dogmatic and cruel without realizing you are? Have you forgotten that your true happiness is connected to those surrounding you? Does dogma contain your ideals? Are your selfish? To bring a balance back into your understanding and compassion, use the golden hue of personal power your Solar Plexus Chakra Oil to help you focus. Use a clear, golden Light from your Solar Plexus Chakra to infuse your Crown with the intention to remedy your feelings of low self-esteem, your low regard and respect for others. Embrace the expansiveness of sharing!

Have you felt like giving up or giving in too often? Has discouragement accumulated in your mind for too long? Do you waste your mind in thoughts of disparity? Do you experience profound confusion? Have you given up? Use your Heart Chakra Oil to help you infuse emerald Light down through your Crown Chakra to rekindle your hope, good heartmind and humanity for yourself…the sacred compassion in self-forgiveness. Rejuvenate your life!

To nurture your Crown Chakra, use your Crown Chakra Oil with white or amethyst Light swirling down into your Crown Chakra. In everyday situations use your Crown Chakra Oil to trigger a more complete connection with your Highest Self. Clear your whole auric field using Crown Chakra Oil and white Light to energize and rejuvenate you. Crown Chakra Oil will help you find inner peace and comfort! Violet Crown Chakra Oil is a blending of etheric fragrances into mysore sandalwood to give you an I Am scentuality!

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