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Solar Plexus Chakra Oil

Solar Plexus Chakra Oil
Solar Plexus Chakra Oil
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Product Description

I CAN! – Solar Plexus Oil

Your Solar Plexus Chakra fills you with sunshine! The golden hue of your Solar Plexus is called Manipuraka, spinning mightily in your mid section. Every surge of energy following your deepest desires or impulsive needs shifts this chakra at the speed of Light. Your personal power, preserving your physical health, mental and emotional stamina is intimately connective to the Solar Plexus chakra filtering your CHI flow towards achieving your goals, your life path and changing your life circumstances through choice. The flower: a black eyed susan.

CHI transformed through your Solar Plexus Chakra vitalizes your adrenal, diaphragm, digestive and abdominal organs. The Solar Plexus is connective to the element of Fire and your sense of sight. Your subtle sense of clairvoyance is empowered. Do you trust the images that come to your mind’s eye?

Weakened Solar Plexus Chakra:

¬ Lack of independence, allows others to dominate them

¬ Allows manipulation for attention

¬ Submissive to abuse, maintains expectations that constantly revolve

¬ Often depressed, afraid to be alone, remains distrustful & needs approval

¬ Sexuality is displayed in jealously & anger recycles

Overactive Exhibition of Solar Plexus:

¬ Intolerant, judgmental, antagonistic, workaholic & highly strung

¬ Over intellectualizes & maintains an authority complex

¬ Sexuality is demanding, complaining & abrupt

Balanced Expression of Solar Plexus:

¬ Naturally outgoing, sincere & calmly respectful of others

¬ Well timed sense of humor & observes the joy in life naturally

¬ Secure in your own nature, skilled with creativity & willing to be challenged

¬ Sexually sensitive & emotionally forgiving or understanding

Having trouble standing up for yourself? Use the your Crown Chakra Oil and a violet color to counter-balance the weakened condition of your Solar Plexus Chakra. Allow violet hues to encourage self-forgiveness, nurturing and Higher Self intervention. Illuminate your Solar Plexus with violet Light to balance personal power issues.

Do you find yourself arguing with people too much? Visualize with the cool blue of your Throat Chakra counter-balancing with Throat Chakra Oil. Bring consideration of others into your heart-mind, share attention with your companions and begin to trust.

To empower and maintain the balance of your Solar Plexus Chakra use your Solar Plexus Oil. For everyday use in need of rejuvenation, stamina, a sensual boost or in facing a difficult situation your Solar Plexus Oil will aid you immediately. Complete the challenging tasks you face using this sensual awakener with a golden Light! Yellow Solar Plexus Oil is a tart, spicy and exotic sensual persuasion of action!

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