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Transcending into SPIRIT with Chakras 2012 oils.

Transcending into SPIRIT with Chakras 2012 oils.
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Product Description

The following indications using fragrance towards transcension into SPIRIT.

In General: DOI Base MULADHARA Chakra Oil is your fragrant resource for grounding to this world of existence, remaining in the body and defining HOME for your-Self. The following index of indications and qualities to work with correlate to your Base chakra. DOI Base Chakra Oil will enhance your ability to tap your natural Base chakra energies to achieve the indicated growth or evolution, establish healing and balance.

ABUNDANCE! Assists grounding from the planet & into the body, reviving our ability to manifest physically. Assurity & easy flow of energy towards attaining your goals.

CONNECTION & RELATIONSHIP with your BODY: [Trauma of spiritual homelessness.] Separation of mind from body creates an open door for anchoring physical malady. Fragrantly assists grounding & awakening our sensuality for fuller physical experience & pleasure. Initiates physical healing & opens the senses as the bridge into multiple dimensions. Stimulates greater physical healing capacity through new use of body instinct & intuition. Revives natural spiritual expression through the physical. Opens opportunity for a personal culture. ESTABLISHING HEALING ABILITIES: Assists your fundamental grounding technique prior to beginning any subtle healing modalities. Encouraging fragrant help when beginning to learn new healing modalities.

INTIMATE CONNECTION TO EARTH MOTHER: Helps to establish your visualizations & stimulate your subtle sensitivity in creating connective subtle bonds with the Earth Mother. (White Light techniques)

EARTH CHANGES: Wonderful fragrant ally in creating intimate connection with the living planet & tapping into the consciousness of Gaia, enables your ability to empathize with the ‘stretch & grow’ process presently unfolding. Aids discernment of planetary shifts due to environmental stress & abuse by humanity. Fragrantly encourages a clear awareness of companionship & true stewardship of Home.

MAKING HOME: Assists your awareness of your subtle & physical connective-ness to Home in fine clarity. Invites resolutions of old issues with familiar / family relationships while releasing the desire to be out of body or place.

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME: [Surviving life threatening events or violence. Core issues revolving around dislocation of the body through extreme trauma, deep anger issues, feelings of unworthiness.] Glimpsing your mortality; a fear experience that can trigger a transcension event. Recovery & transformation from the experience. Provides gentle, fragrant grounding in the environment during healing or therapy sessions to resolve & release deep fears anchoring in psyche from catastrophic / violence experience.

PAST LIFE RELATIONSHIPS; Fragrant assistance for grounded recognition of past life relationships resurfacing in your present relationships. Working to heal a distinct past life issue or determine past adventures. Wonderful journeying fragrance to help discover & confirm past life relationships.

‘RIGHT TO BE HERE: [Often accompanies resolutions from PTS, critical abuse issues (childhood & domestic or sexual) & vacates a person’s idea of Self dominion.] Assists fragrant grounding & enables inner awakening to your Spiritual nature (ensuring revival of an intimate connection with your inner Self).

In General: DOI Sacral Chakra Oil will help expand your sensual boundaries as natural resources for tapping the Unknown and Unseen, a key to personal transcendence. The following indications and qualities correlate to your Sacral Chakra. DOI Sacral Chakra Oil will enhance your ability to work with these chakra energies to achieve indicated growth or evolution through balance and healing.

ASKING FOR HELP!: Wonderful fragrant helper urging you to surrender to asking for help when we need it. Knowing that you have a problem with asking for assistance or help when you are faced with unmanageable circumstances. Helps to bring your awareness to the lack of confidence or willingness in asking for help.

ADDICTIVE IMPULSE: Addressing loss of essential well being (that should be established through physical, emotional, spiritual nurture) manifesting as substitution for it. Happiness becomes the goal instead of the experience. Fragrant help in reaching for Soul intervention to choose a change in the recycling / habitual searching. (Substituting ‘reality’ through substance abuse.)

BAPTISM [SEEKING REBIRTH]: Elemental alignment with Sacral Chakra. Aromatic stimulation towards surrender of the past. Allowing ego-death and triggering life changing transition.

CHANGE: Aromatic initiation to accept change as the fundamental tool of growth in your life. Using change as your personal asset to balance your emotions through expansion into the Unknown, instead of atrophy in fear of the Unknown. (Embracing adventure!) Allowing flow to expand your perception and build your sensory skills. DESIRE: Fragrant recognition of your true desires as connective to your Soul & inspiration for motion & change in your life.

MOTION: Fragrant encouragement to enjoy a free flow of motion towards the future. Helps foraging through hesitations; encourages you to reach beyond the moment & accept challenges.

PLEASURE (REDISCOVERING): Fragrant assistance to explore new dimensions of pleasure through the facility of your expanded consciousness. Exploring your imagination without boundaries set in morality confinement. Quenching your Spirit’s appetite for feeling good, feeling delight, feeling & expressing pleasure.

SELF-NURTURE: Aromatic encouragement to ‘take care’ & support the essential Self. Self encouragement. Addressing issues surrounding dependence, neediness, lack of physical bonding, over acting emotions, need for partnership in all expression …on Soul levels considering past life issues. Establishing a healthy ‘right to feel’ your emotions & release them.

SENSUALITY: Sensuality (the dynamic of your physical senses) as your mentor for transcending into the Unknown & Unseen. Aromatic awakening to new definitions of the world surrounding you. Bridging multiple dimensions & developing a sensual intelligence.

SEXUALITY: Accessing & understanding your multiple levels of consciousness through the “little Death” of orgasm. Fragrant assistance to encourage your personally natural expression of sexuality, a vital relationship between body, mind & Spirit, allowing growth & well being. Releasing issues sourced in shame, deprivation, compulsion through many lives. Assists coming to personal terms with contemporary issues anchored in birth control, molestation, rape or abusive controlling from the Soul level. Recognizing your personal sexual expression as the cosmic force of connection.

RECOVERY FROM EMOTIONAL TRAUMA (PERSISTING PERSONAL CRISIS): Fragrant assistance to release the burden of overwhelming emotional crisis through intentional surrender to a Higher Power (Spirit Guides, God-Goddess, Highest Self, etc.). Helps you catch that breath of neutrality during ongoing events or emotions to bring awareness of unconscious anchoring or attachment to crisis mode as a lifestyle. Triggering intervention (of conscious awareness) from Spirit or Soul level.

THE SHADOW: Recognition of your essential POLARITY as the tool of your personal evolution & healing. Your fundamental alchemy is in the resolution of your yin / yang, masculine / feminine, Light / Dark aspects. Each has primary importance in your ability to live & grow. Fragrant assistance in searching out & resolving your Shadow aspect to ground a comprehensive awareness of your personal polarity.

In General: DOI Solar Plexus Chakra Oil introduces the territory of Myth and the concept of the Hero / Heroine to the evolving psyche. The ability to consciously recognize the difference between the ego Self and the multiple aspects of Who we are as a confident expression our Self. The following indications and qualities correlate to your Solar Plexus Chakra. DOI Solar Plexus Chakra Oil will enhance your ability to work with these chakra energies to achieve indicated growth or evolution through balance and healing.

ANGER: Channeling anger in positive directions (after initial trigger). Aromatic assistance to help develop personal focus for transmuting your temper / anger outbursts into positive energy for taking action, healing or Self discovery.

DIVINE WILL: Fragrantly addressing issues connected to placing Divinity outside of yourSelf. (Placing responsibility outside the Self in order to be released from holistic responsibility for our Self.) Confuses the element of personal power & Self authority. Defining what you want & need from the Soul perspective.

HERO / HEROINE: Aromatic assistance in grasping the many aspects of Who we are. Exploring our Soul Chakras! (The multidimensional expression of yourSelf.) Urges awakening to larger world we live in; our Home is the planet, our neighborhood is the Solar System, our country is the Milky Way galaxy & our world is the expanding Universe. Fragrant encouragement to recognize our personal role in this world view. Merging the universal Self with the personal (3D ego) Self.

SELF TRUST: Aromatic help in addressing issue of Self esteem from the Soul level. Grasping that tangible connection to our Highest Self through.

SELF AUTHORITY: Developing our Truth through Self respect, this is the ultimate authority we will resonate with because it’s Self respect. Fragrant assistance in working to honor our own nature & to seek our own truths.

SUBLIME WILL: The balanced demonstration of uncommon human achievements. Fragrant assistance in balancing Solar Plexus chakra when working to accomplish goals (dancers, athletes, complete change of lifestyle, overcoming terminal illness, facing greatest fears, etc.)

SUBTLE BODY CONSCIOUSNESS: Aromatic helper in penetrating your subtle body system/network with a conscious awareness to discern each layer & begin working with.

RISK: Fragrant help to reach beyond your comfort boundaries! (Accepting criticism for learning & growth, facing challenges to accomplish your goals, moving past rejection as a learning experience & understanding failure or mistakes as tools for creating eventual success.)

In General: DOI Heart Chakra Oil will open your heart and mind towards transcending hatred, racism, ignorance and Self abuse through Self loathing. The major capacity of the open Heart chakra is it’s intelligent flexibility to forgive Itself! Through the Heart chakra, the anima integrates with the animus within. The following indications and qualities correlate to your Heart chakra. DOI Heart Chakra Oil will enhance your ability to work with these chakra energies to achieve indicated growth or evolution through balance and healing.

ANIMA / ANIMUS: Any personal balancing work you undertake in resolving the inner feminine with the inner masculine is enhanced using Heart chakra oil. Use it for meditations, subtle healing exercises or recovery. Embracing your Shadow aspect.

COSMIC EVOLUTION: The right to love & to be loved demonstrates the reciprocal energy of the evolving Universe in primal condition. Popular physics describes M theory & quantum mechanics dynamic through intelligent (aware) observation. It is a action / reaction science, still with a heart to it! To be observed or to observe indicates all that intelligence allows (to our understanding) including emotion (or e-motion / energy = motion). Love as the Universal CHI of the evolving Universe. Heart Chakra Oil is an aromatic balm used in meditation on cosmic evolution! Using Universal CHI, the healer accepts the primary dynamic of cosmos. Love.

HEALING: Use your Heart Chakra oil as a fragrant guide during healing sessions using Universal CHI, Reiki, or any subtle healing technique.

SACRED COMPASSION: Aromatic helper to transmute with a free flow of unconditional energy when working under conditions of deep unease or sorrow for another (or others). Healing, volunteering, working to assist after natural disasters or traumatic events or daily compassion for those who approach you in distress.

SELF-FORGIVENESS: Fragrant support to begin practicing Self forgiving exercises: forgiveness of others, of conditions beyond your control, events you are unable to directly influence, etc. [Fake it til you make it approach…practicing ‘as if’ to achieve your goal.]

SELF RELECTIVE AWARENESS: Fragrant acknowledgement of the Divine within us; the sacred union of consciousness with intimate hope, desire, fear, joy & celebration. Establishing a true relationship with yourSelf. It is the integration the Mythical Self with the demonstrative & secret Self. Coming to holism.

TRUST: The catalyst that enables surrender. Fragrant help in working through Highest Self intervention to assist you in consciously choosing the act of surrender & Trust.

WARP & WOOF OF LOVE: Fragrant assistance to awaken to a natural rhythm of reaching out & taking in, just like your breath, with the energy of Love. New awareness allows you to become the observer; to comprehend how naturally we give & receive energy (including Love) daily. Consciousness of this fundamental dynamic reveals our patterns, providing massive insight into issue recognition. To love someone is to learn joy, ecstasy, pain, abandonment, intensity of consciousness, etc. Holding this awareness becomes your most brilliant tool for Self healing.

+++++Still being researched and updated+++++++

In General: DOI Throat Chakra Oil will encourage you to listen care-fully. Your creative nature opens and expands through your open Throat chakra and the expression of your Truth. Through the Throat chakra, we enter the great Silence introducing us to the voices of cosmos. The following indications and qualities correlate to your Heart chakra. DOI Throat Chakra Oil will enhance your ability to work with these chakra energies to achieve indicated growth or evolution through balance and healing.




PERSONAL RESONANCE: Aromatic helper in finding your inner space of calm, quiet, recovery and regeneration. Working to become aware of your personal vibratory nature; your personal resonance! Your Throat chakra is the gateway into clarity &


SYMBOLISM (THROUGH MANY DIMENSIONS): Aromatic assistance in grasping the unique resonance of the symbols you choose to interpret the world surrounding you.

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS: Opening your heart to the cosmos! Fragrant assistance in reaching out through your Highest Self to connect with the resonance of ALL THAT IS.

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