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Serpent Fire Kundalini Oil

Serpent Fire Kundalini Oil
Serpent Fire Kundalini Oil
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Serpent Fire Kundalini Oil

Key Life Passages: Your Kundalini Lifeforce Activation What is your Kundalini? It is the subtle, primal lifeforce residue of the adaptable energy system that you were formed out of in the womb. It created your chakra, nadis, meridian system as you began to enter the material world. It remains as that extra surge compelling you to consciously make a choice or take an action that resonates through and changes the pattern of your life! It is responsible for your connective success with superconsciousness and feats of supernatural accomplishment. Our Kundalini begins its progressive journey along our spine through each successive chakra awakening us to the cycles of growth physically, emotionally and subtly. We all naturally experience the Kundalini rising effect! It moves in a magnetic synchronicity through our chakra’s during astrological nodal points throughout our lifetime, initiating ‘key life passages’1 opening life’s challenges regardless of mental, emotional or physical capacity.

The Kundalini begins its ascension up through your Base Chakra during your Saturn Return, occurring near the age of 27. Life’s responsibilities challenge you to choose a direction or path in your mental and emotional acceptance or rejection of adulthood. A powerful physiologic / mental-emotional trigger, the Kundalini urges mental challenge, emotional maturity and physical enthusiasm for envisioning your future and reaching your goals. Your survival skills are stimulated for development and application. Denying your responsibilities results in lack of direction and the inability to make lasting commitments. Your Base Chakra nurtures this experience in natural progression depending on the characteristics and skills of the individual. Denial may inspire a more solid foundation later in life. Acceptance can change. The Saturn Return awakens the Kundalini energies for ascension to urge you to reach for your fortune and glory.

The mortality aspect of aging stirs you at the second prime nodal point as your Kundalini ascends into your Solar Plexus Chakra during your Uranus Opposition from ages 38 to 44. Labeled your ‘mid-life crisis’, you assume responsibilities for your loved ones and survey your personal successes and failures. You can be easily oppressed and overwhelmed. For the late bloomer, in addition to the crisis of facing mortality, a curious activation of new or suppressed life goals or dreams become immediate in life. The elusive self-confidence of youth can manifest inspiring a reclamation of the ‘Self’. This can happen unexpectedly and change your whole life with the force of a hurricane!

As we mature, our Kundalini keeps pace ascending up into our higher chakras triggering compassion and wisdom into a quintessential energetic balancing of body and Spirit with the magnetic effects of our Chiron Return close to the age of 50. For women, the fertility of menses can cease with menopause and the Wise Woman within takes a step forward. Men determine highly personal values and can be prompted to reach out in the effort to lead and share knowledge or wisdom. Your Crown Chakra opens as your feelings, abilities and qualities serve more than yourself; they serve your loved ones and those you share with as an Elder. You guide and heal from your life experience.

Our Kundalini is our primal serpent lifeforce stamina gifting us connectiveness from the subtle to physical distinction with vitality and inspiration to make great leaps of growth. Our Kundalini will trigger new levels of awareness throughout our lives. You can actively work with it as your powerful tool to revitalize and balance your chakras. Keep in mind the primal serpentine nature of this coiling essence within and work with it in your meditations with multicolored creative visualizations. Serpent Fire Oil has been created to help you do this. Use Serpent Fire in working to stimulate your Kundalini energies for balance and awakening. Serpent Fire Oil can restore your self-determination in the midst of stressful situations. This is a spicy, hot fragrance to stimulate and assist physical and subtle action. Fragrantly formulate your own creative visualizations to work with the serpent energies along your spine, invigorating your chakras! There is a ‘breakthrough’ quality in Kundalini meditations using multicolored Light to ascend through your chakras. Serpent Fire Oil is a sensual resonance that will help recover the struggling or exacerbated Kundalini force into a conscious, harmonious flow to awaken your chakra system.

A conscious intention and with purposeful manipulations through visualizations of your Kundalini energies will invest new healing and recovery in your emotional and physical health issues. Your Kundalini lifeforce is intimately connected to the subtle vitality of your DNA. Using this subtle serpent Light to work on initiating your dormant DNA is an excellent meditation practice. Introducing a personal subtle energetic standard of Kundalini practice into meditations will bring evolutionary changes into your life!

Fiery scents aromatically highlight Serpent Fire oil. A soothing base of sandalwood combined with the stimulant qualities of cassia, clove bud, cardamom, carrot, ambergris and juniper provide physical and fragrant stimulus to help awaken your Kundalini energies. 1 “Liquid Light of Sex” by Barbara Hand Clow Bear & Co. 1991

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