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Heart Chakra Oil

Heart Chakra Oil
Heart Chakra Oil
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Product Description

I CARE – Heart Chakra Oil

Nurture yourself; I feel happy! I feel sad! Whenever you FEEL, your Anahata or Heart Chakra is adapting at the speed of Light to every feeling you experience. You filter every conscious second of your life through your feelings. The essence of who you are resonates within your Heart Chakra with a soft green or pink color. Your ability to reach out and within to all your subtle aspects (Highest Self) begins through the filter of your Heart Chakra. The issue your Heart Chakra details is your acceptance or denial of love and your truth…inspiring your Spiritual enthusiasm. The flower: a mint green rose.

CHI vitality transformed through your Heart Chakra correlate to your heart, lungs, thoracic, immune systems and lymph glands. Your Heart Chakra connects you to the element of Air, your physical sense of touch and demonstrates your healing nature. It holds your greatest expression, love. The subtly of trust is keyed through your Heart Chakra. Where are you being urged to step beyond the edge?

Weakened Heart Chakra:

- Constant self-pity leads to paranoia, procrastination & indecision

- Holds onto the past & lets themselves be entrapped by it

- Isolationist believing no can love them - They will not risk intimacy on any level

Overactive Exhibition of Heart Chakra:

- A melodramatic demander

- Attempts to manipulate with money

- Over critical & possessive

- They place many conditions on love

Balanced Expression of Heart Chakra:

- Excited to be involved with life & explore the adventures of it!

- Develops a sacred compassion, attracts kindred Spirits & is a natural healer

- Wisely discriminates, rejuvenates with personality & surrenders into love with Spirit, mind & body

Feeling sorry for yourself too much? Easily sacred? Have you forgotten the small things that satisfy? Use the sustaining qualities of your Base Chakra Oil and red energy to bring stamina and survival skills softly into your Heart center for a healthy counter-balance during your visualizations.

Are you trying to get attention by acting up? Afraid of what others think of you? Use the Goddess resonance of your Alta Chakra Oil with a gentle turquoise visualization. Release your fears and trust that everything is as it should be, understand that what we have given so much fear to in the past hasn’t manifested as we expected. Act ‘as if’ and allow.

To maintain the healthy balance of your Heart Chakra use the emerald Light of visualization and relax into calm, soothing breath work while maintaining the steady visual infusion of green. Need to take it easy? To slow down, take each moment or day on at a time? Use your Heart Chakra Oil to give you a special pause; a scentual moment of rescue. In everyday situations, when moments become overwhelming or fearful for you, use Heart Chakra Oil to bring harmony back into your Heart! Green Heart Chakra Oil is a light floral note of release and comfort grounded in the self awareness of angelica.

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