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THE SOLAR ESSENCES - Astrological Flower Essences with Creative Influences

[The Solar Essences are 10ml eyedropper bottles of flower essence formulas.]

How do the planets influence you?

Your birthday is a celestial event with forecast influences from the stars and planets! Each year, a new set of stellar and planetary aspects magnetically endow you with challenge for growth and the assets to achieve your life goals. Solar Essences are designed to introduce you to the basic archetypal quality correspondent to each planet and give you new confidence to work with the astrological influences propelling you through your new year on your birthday. Each planetary archetype is a component of the Mythical You, the psychological characteristics developed under the guardianship of your planetary mentors prompting you through your life’s journey. In a mirror of each planetary archetype, Solar Essences will provide you with a preview of your natural assets and challenges, renewed each solar year to strengthen and encourage your personal values and goals.

The Solar Essences are positive applications for daily use as tools for a new self-empowerment. They will awaken and reveal hidden, inner resources of inspiration and talent to face your personal issues or to design new life goals. Your personal astrological chart (solar aspects at the time of your physical birth) gives you the tools to accomplish whatever you can dream!

The end of this booklet explains how to apply your Solar Essences and how to create personally specific formulas of blended Solar Essences for each new year’s magnetic influences.

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