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Blending Tips to compliment your personal astrological chart!

Blending Tips to compliment your personal astrological chart!
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Having your solar return analyzed by a good astrologer is your first step in understanding your celestial endowment. Why? With a good anaylization, your astrologer will forecast what influences will challenge you and what influences will give new assets to work with. Your solar return chart will give you many formulas to create with your Solar Essences according to each aspect you encounter and work with through the year.

At the time of your birth, each planet was influenced by a specific star constellation with greater or lesser degrees of magnetism. Each year you magnetically adjust to new influences of growth and development aided by your original planetary mentors. To bring this continually fluxing adjustment into a positive understanding and personal empowerment, the Solar Essences will help you to resonate with new yearly influences in personally designed formulas created with different Solar Essences. If Mars was in Scorpio at the time of birth you might create a composite essence of Mars using 13 drops of Martian Influence and compliment it with 7 drops of Plutonian Extremity to make a personally empowering essence. Adjusting this essence for current magnetic influences from your solar chart you would use the correct Solar Essence of influence. Perhaps this year Virgo brings a challenge into your Martian House? Adjust with five drops of Chironic Bridge to give you confidence and new clarity as to the nature of the challenge and asset of itís new magnetic effects in your life for positive growth!

Experiment with your personal desires for growth, professional needs or creative enhancement by blending Solar Essences purely for the qualities they reflect! Perhaps you have a desire to create artistically? Be thoughtful, choose those qualities of planetary influence you are feel will compliment this desire, keeping in mind the intimacy of your natural planetary influences. Experiment! Develop a special intimacy with the archetype you are drawn for a better understanding the possibilities in creating your own composite essence blends. Is there some vital characteristic you need to embrace to achieve a professional goal or ambition? Use your Solar Essences to align with the motion of the planets and the magnetic influences they are generating.

Specific planetary nodal points occur to all of us according to solar chart. The first nodal point is our Saturn Return. Then we experience mid-life through our Uranus Opposition followed by our Chiron Return, bringing us into our wisdom. Great change and recreation of our lives accompanies these astrological events. Solar Essences subtly guide you through them while awakening you to special issues and ascendancy you face during these events.

There is no limitation to kinds of astrological formulas you can blend and work with using the Solar Essences. Experiment and journey!

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