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Uranian Brilliance Essence - Uranus

Uranian Brilliance Essence - Uranus
Uranian Brilliance Essence - Uranus
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Product Description

How is it done? What can I imagine? My ORIGINALITY…

The mirror is blinding, white Light brilliance bursts forth. I’m so clever, always searching relentlessly to release my truth. Many judge me, then invoke my imagination. I am inspiration.

I experience through my creation.

Uranian Brilliance Essence is the journey into revolution and the re-created self. Uranus is the planet of revolution, genius, creative individuality and fast, fast action. Use Uranian Brilliance to evoke creative fire and to help dissolve obstructions that stand in the way of your personal evolution. It assists you in adjusting to the resonance of a new precessional archetype for the next 2100 years, Aquarius.

Uranus represents the archetype of creative evolution. The descriptions are stunning, originality, speed, art, genius and demonstrative intelligence. Acute awareness and eccentricity invest this resonance. Dynamic and fun, stubborn and destructive apply too!

Uranus reflects the constellation of AQUARIUS , a fixed sign complimented by the element of Air. Aquarians are unique individuals with great excitement and enthusiasm. They are dynamic innovators, genuine intelligence always ready for revolution. Acute awareness and eccentricity invest this resonance. The smarts of an Aquarian will generate consistent surprise. This is the archetype of the new millennium, the breakthrough from belief to knowledge.

Use Uranium Brilliance Essence to push past blockage, to inspire you further, to get where you’re going! Inspired creativity! Responsibility with Aquarians is a double-edged blade; this essence urges it from within. Self esteem issues and assurance issues (unreasonable fears) are worked through allied with this essence. At once, an interceding agent and the catalyst in uncovering the deeper seeds of the trouble in releasing your fears, Uranian Brilliance assists you to innovate and succeed.

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