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Saturnian Focus Essence - Saturn

Saturnian Focus Essence - Saturn
Saturnian Focus Essence - Saturn
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Product Description

How far can I reach, now that my will is set? My LIMITATION…

The mirror is a deep black pool; all of my vulnerability lies waiting within it. I am afraid, so I abandon myself. I look outside, seeking to rekindle the Light within. I control my fears and resolve myself in structure.

I own the darkness inside of me and I am healed. Saturnian Focus Essence fosters our bravery, encouraging us into the darkness of shamanic death, seeking the healing of new understanding in what truly motivates us. We face our limitations as the beautiful balance defining our qualities and values.

Saturn represents the archetype of aspiration and of longing. This is a self-preserved projection of our will. Saturn demonstrates our defenses and attacking skills to express our fixed willpower.

Saturn reflects the constellation of CAPRICORN , a cardinal sign complimented by the element of our Earth Mother. The Capricorn personality is intimately expressive of the life, death and rebirth cycles as a dynamic of their life-walk. They are intelligent, intriguing, ambitious and self-preserving. They analyze, prioritize and follow through. Their kindness is gracious and sincere when offered.

Saturnian Focus Essence is a strong initializing agent. It will guide you to a strong sense of focus and in this respect, to look within finding what has remained hidden in your subconscious mind. Saturn is a splendid influence for a flower essence! Saturnian Focus excites the epiphany from that flow within that finds a nexus point to push forth from! Rebirth. Saturnian Focus can help you face life-long issues with encouragement. The birth, death, rebirth circle is Saturn’s shamanic ritual. Use Saturnian Focus to empower your self-control, to understand the positive influences of your limitations.

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