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Venusian Response Essence - Venus

Venusian Response Essence - Venus
Venusian Response Essence - Venus
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Product Description

What should I do, now that everyone sees me? My EMOTIONS…

The mirror is full, I am reflected. I attract my own likeness; I am who you are.

There is a longing…I feel the vastness of the sea and the confinement of the land. I understand companionship and seek it out to explore myself. I express myself through relationship and reflection… I embrace myself.

Venusian Response Essence offers a doorway into our basic longing to unite in opposition. Our value of love, talent, risk in intimacy, our ability to attract and our personal balance within…an equanimity with our emotions is aroused through our Venusian response, arousing insight. Perception through our emotions is realized using this essence. The impression we actively try to achieve.

Venus reflects the constellation of TAURUS , a fixed sign complimented by the grounding quality of the Earth Mother. Where Venus lays in our personal solar charting impulses our attitude toward emotions and links us to our intimacy and our demonstrative sensuality.

Venus is the archetype of our emotions and how they are affected by the outer world. Taureans are slow to determine their decisions, however; once made, they are fastidious. These are conservative folk with resources who give generously when guided to by their own ideals. Builders, nurturer’s, thorough, family oriented, protective and elegantly warm, the Venusian character exhibits flawless beauty. These are a prosperous people.

Use Venusian Response Essence to find your Inner Self easily, to nurture your dreams and to gently build your self-confidence. Venus invites and attracts; this essence inspires this from within. Using Venusian Response to attract or as invitation is a subtle matter…your intentions for use must be focused care-fully. In polar relationship to this planetary influence, this essence assists your inner questing for harmonious resonance through solid foundations and self-awareness.

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