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Mercurial Flow Essence - Mercury

Mercurial Flow Essence - Mercury
Mercurial Flow Essence - Mercury
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Product Description

What do I sense? Smell, taste, touch, see and hear it…My ACCEPTANCE… The silver mirror convexes and concaves. My Spirit, Mind and Body are full of sensations circulating; I am defined by my sensuality!

There is scent in the wind, the rain cleans me, the rainbow resonates over my skin and the fruit is sweet. I wonder why the stars shine and seek the design of Fire. I feel rainbow and listen to its’ music…I try what I will and digest the experiences. I become what I learn.

Mercurial Flow Essence connects the messages together, initiating our rediscovery of our own mortality by opening our senses. It reveals our unconscious motivations for exploration and analysis. We subtly discern and develop new perspectives.

Mercury is the archetype of heliocentric (Earth aligned) sensuality and our acceptance of the material world surrounding us. It propels our curiosity and establishes patterns of learning and growth; the continuity of our rational mind.

Mercury reflects the constellation of GEMINI , a mutable sign companioned by the element of Air. These are the stars of the communicator, of motion and events. Teachers, writers, salespeople in this house are good in their professions. People endowed with Gemini are usually great companions, learn from their experiences and they are extremely resilient through life’s hardships.

Mercurial Flow Essence is an excellent ally when you require precision with your communication skills and to give honest voice to your inspirations. It taps your natural gifts for communicating. Mercurial Flow allows you to embrace your sensuality with greater awareness when you have difficulties expressing your sensual nature with confidence. This essence stimulates the refinement of your sensuality as specific tools for learning with greater insight and honesty. Mercurial Flow helps you restore your relationship and intimacy with the Inner Self, providing self-assurity to extend this to others. Mercury reflects relationships and communication!

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