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Liquid Neptune Essence - Neptune

Liquid Neptune Essence - Neptune
Liquid Neptune Essence - Neptune
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Product Description

I’m getting closer to my home, why else would I hurry? My DEPTHS…

The mirror invites me, so I jump through the looking glass into my own ‘looks within’ dimensions. I look to see, what of you is in me. I expand my realities to create new ones and wonder what is real. My perception enfolds a wholeness of greater cycles, the many lifetimes, the emerging new consciousness awaiting me out among the stars.

I perceive many channels and frequencies.

I am a vibration, pulsing on a wave…riding closer to my home. Liquid Neptune Essence assists you into the transformation of your consciousness. It will help you develop a personal process in exploring the subtle realms of your unconscious mind and ability. It links you to the collective consciousness – planetary mind for unlocking the meanings to the images released from your unconscious mind to discover and learn about the unknown and unseen that surrounds you every day.

Neptune represents the archetype of the unknown, our subconscious, our dreams, the initiator of our Spiritual nature and our genetic inheritance. What we overlook from day to day exists in this resonance…a reality we create and live within. The Neptunian aspect reaches deeply within and asks, “why”?

Neptune reflects the constellation of PISCES , a mutable sign complimented by the element of Water. Charm, the ability to nurture and be sympathetic, to naturally heal, to create artistically are all Neptune’s gifts. This is the preserver of love and the depth of dreams.

Use Liquid Neptune to divine the meaning of your nocturnal dreaming, it a wonderful dream therapy application. Whenever you’re in need of extra graciousness, charm or acute awareness of your social skills, use this essence to compliment yourself! Liquid Neptune helps you to offer nurture and creative support while opening your natural empathetic ability up!

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