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Lunar Influence Essence - Your Moon

Lunar Influence Essence - The Moon
Lunar Influence Essence - The Moon
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Product Description

10 ml flower essence formula.

Discovering my INNER SELF…

The silver mirror is round and fills the night skies, my desires are reflected and define me. Out of this silver pulse I discover my inner resonance.

I feel my desires and yearn for fulfillment. I am the subtle communion between my electric instinct and the expression of my dreams. My resonance is fleeting, a throb momentarily impulsing on the surface of my conscious thought inviting me to rediscover myself. The unseen, deeply intuited pattern eludes me and I seek it out.

I stumble in life to learn how to live, I see beauty and reach out to it, I recognize ecstasy and yearn to experience it and I finally turn within to define my feelings… I can recreate myself through my desires!

Lunar Influence Essence introduces us to the receptive dynamics of our Moon. Life cycles, intuitions, imagination, illusions, the feminine arts of delving into the unknown are revealed working in harmony with our Lunar Influence. The Moon represents the archetype of our yearning and desire. It holds your secret heart, that place within us that we almost never openly reveal openly to anyone. Who we think we are as hero or heroine, destroyer or creatrix, exists in the expression of our Moon.

The Moon reflects the constellation of CANCER , a cardinal sign complimented by the element of Water to guide it. This is a nurturing personality, the homemaker or effective counselor. Cancer says a prayer of love to embrace the whole world. This is a refined expression of empathy, the natural psychic. An Earth loving person, Cancer will always give warm acceptance of friends on a basis of natural trust.

Make use of Lunar Influence Essence when you’re searching for an understanding of your deepest desires. Your relationship with what inspires you, your crisis tolerance, a need to complete or the lack of completion in your life…these aspects surface through your Lunar Influence. To empower your creative drive, reawaken your imagination, this essence is the perfect application! Lunar Influence Essence provides a strong catalyst in developing your psychic awareness and triggering your visionary skills!

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