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Gaia Mother Earth Essence - EARTH

Gaia Mother Earth Essence - EARTH
Gaia Mother Earth Essence - EARTH
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Product Description

Gaia is the archetype of the Eternal Nurturer

Our Home, Gaia, represents the grounding quality of our complete Solar Self. Gaia provides the nexus ground of our harmonious solar personality. Our realized connection to Home enables us to develop our multidimensional consciousness. This Solar Essence is resonance for bonding to Home, clearing displacement and discovering our resource in the planetary Mental Body. This holds the records of our Home and accepts the transducing solar and cosmic winds in the atmosphere influencing the Emotional Body of Gaia, the weather and geo-patterns. Gaia responds to these currents of information magnetically through the planetary polar regions. The translations of this information are available in finding and accessing the vortexes. The Sacred Sites represent planetary Chakras, the Ley Lines are the Meridians. There are major and minor Chakras, all accessible to promote knowledgeable well-being with our Home.

The Gaia Essence helps you to penetrate the subtle connections between you and Home, assisting you in experiencing the ‘Spirit of Place’. It will provide grounding to ensure well being, soothing and calming during time of transition or crisis. It is a fine composite to work with when blending other Solar Essences’ for personal formulary to accent your solar chart. The focal process of this essence is to inspire a personal relationship between you and Home.

Use Gaia Essence as a crisis remedy when needed for emotional or mental distress. Gaia is the Eternal Nurturer giving you a great big subtle hug of reassurance grounding you to Home, an excellent remedy when feeling dislocation during moving or travel. Apply Gaia to your crystals and minerals…it will help restore vibrancy to depleted mineralogical healing tools or energy directors and compliment their electrical fields. Use your instincts in using Gaia Essence!

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