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Lightning of Jupiter Essence - Jupiter

Lightning of Jupiter Essence -  Jupiter
Lightning of Jupiter Essence - Jupiter
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Product Description

I can do anything now that the time is right! My RHYTHM…

The mirror expands with images, the passage of time, the process of growth. I discover a new awareness, new perspectives. Excitement rushes through my senses; I sense the coming of things. I intuit the nearness of success and I proclaim its arrival. I listen to my own counsel, invite the insight of those surrounding me, I achieve my goals. I laugh and learn through my folly and fortune.

Understanding the success of timing is within the Lightning of Jupiter Essence, subtly impulsing us to pay attention! Timing can preserve our confidence or create a fool of us. The rhythm of opportunity reflected through Jupiter reveals equitable wholeness, the idealism to believe in yourself and an attraction of what is needed to accomplish the task.

Jupiter is the archetype for opportunity and expansion…the mythic king maker! It represents our ability to take advantage of our greatest timing points and to expand into greater cycles for expansion and self-assurity.

Jupiter reflects the constellation of SAGITTARIUS , a mutable sign complimented by the element of Fire. The Archer is a natural student of the world and projects this well as a teacher. Always questioning, the Sagittarius will seek out mental and sensual stimulation for greater expansion. Explorative, sometimes foolhardy, adventuresome, independent with a penchant for acting defines most Sagittarians. They are liberty-loving people with an idea of revolution and evolution. They easily persuade you to enjoy life.

Use Lightning of Jupiter Essence to inspire your sense of humor! It will arouse your interest with a gusto when you find yourself waning with enthusiasm for life’s journey. Like lightning, this essence can persuade your subtle consciousness to follow the adventure before you in life by opening your mind, expanding your awareness of new ideas and experiences. Jovian inspiration always takes you into adventure!

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