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Quantum Lightbody Essences -The Template of Our Lightbody

Subtle body Initiators & Healing tools.

Quantum Essences’ are blended flower essences; vibrational remedies created to open a new awareness and begin working with the Unseen You. They introduce you to your mind, body, Spirit connections; the conscious luminescence that is the eternal you! Each Quantum Essence will describe a portion of your subtle anatomy; its function and how to work with it for greater well being, longevity and in fulfilling your quest to penetrate the Unseen world surrounding you! Familiarizing you with your lifeforce (CHI), Quantum Essences’ give you a tangible understanding of the subtle energies sustaining you. Subtle healing techniques like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra balancing or auric clearing that manipulate CHI are more effectively applied with a working knowledge of your Chakra, Nadis and Meridian system linked to your subtle bodies of consciousness (or Lightbody). As vibrational medicines, they compliment positive physical health care, ease the invasion of atomic treatments, stimulate a positive flow of CHI to help restore a depleted immune system and engender a more total recovery-healing without any disturbance to the physiologic health care being administered.

The ‘healing crisis’ of traditional flower essence homeopathy; realizing a specific emotional issue responsible for your malady, is guided through your intentions for recognition and recovery. Clear guidance in your intentions and creative visualizations with your Quantum Essences will gently nurture your physical vitality in compliment to issue recognition when necessary, as they reawaken your subtle sensitivities. It isn’t necessary to sustain conscious awareness of the root or reason for a malady through emotional recognition to begin your subtle healing! The goal is in balancing your CHI energies both subtly and physically. Through body, mind and Spirit, the essences nurture a connection between your negative emotions and belief patterns lodged as issues unrealized in your conscious mind.

It is time to awaken and resource your Lightbody! Quantum Essences have been created to achieve this goal.

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