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Etheric Initiator Essence

Etheric Initiator Essence -  10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist
Etheric Initiator Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist
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Product Description

Etheric Initiator Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order

Your Etheric Body is your first subtle body of consciousness, a living library of your past, present and the choices creating your future! When a talented psychic ‘reads’ you, they are discerning the information you make available in your Etheric Body. It appears right there in your auric field superimposed over your physical body, shimmering outwardly to encompass your Chakras in a slightly higher frequency of coexistence (multiple dimensions). Here is the catalog of your incarnations in karmic – dharmic nodal points (emotional issues) to access for healing and growth! The seed of a future you are creating, the memories you wait to remember, the darkness attracted to your fears and the selfless or unconditional acts stimulating greater personal evolution are all subtle signatures within your Etheric Body of consciousness. Just prior to physical manifestation, every thought or intention, feeling and every action you will take, exists there. The issues you are aware of and those you are not conscious of yet, creating the blockage in your Nadis to your Meridians, reside in your Etheric Body.

Whenever you orchestrate a subtle healing session, your actions combine your Third Eye and Astral Body (the subtle YOU on different levels performing these actions with intention and purpose). You create the healing through your ‘mind’s eye’ in your astral mobility of consciousness. It works! You apply these techniques into the field of your Etheric Body in tandem with the Astral Body for immediate healing effects.

Your Etheric Body is both the influencing agent and the subtle-physical interface field where your Chakras, Nadis and Meridians are responding to CHI. CHI enters your body through the Etheric Body field filtered by your Chakras. As you become aware of the issues (karmic – dharmic nodal points in your auric field) creating malady and redefine them in a new understanding and acceptance, healing begins. Equally, not every healing requires understanding and acceptance of an issue … subtle healing accepted by intention is tremendously effective as the catalyst for new awareness and change. Your Etheric Initiator Essence illuminates this process and provides a subtle stimulation of your Third Eye to ensure greater accuracy during healing sessions or meditations. When a healing is complete, the nodal point (lodged issue) vacates the Etheric Body, ascending into the Mental Body transforming into a quality of character, wisdom or a new healing talent to share with others! (This describes the shamanic journeying into our darkness to embrace and transform our fears and find resolutions, birthing new gifts.) This is a primary form of self-healing…from embryosis throughout life the qualities and maladies appearing in your Etheric Body are the structure of your present evolution, inspiring and developing the qualities of your character.

Etheric Initiator Essence assists your Chakra meditations and offers quick grounding in stressful situations. It is specially designed to work in harmony with your Nadis Lightways and Meridianal Points Essences during healing sessions. These three essences’ help you (and the healer) accomplish more focused and specifically guided subtle energies during healing sessions. Use these essences for your Reiki attuning or healing, Chakra balancing and auric cleansing sessions. You can create a ‘dose’ bottle combining the three essences for these purposes. Etheric Initiator will stimulate new subtle sensitivity as you explore for the subtle densities in your Etheric Body emanating from nodal points where your issues are lodged. It’s an effective temporary cleansing agent for your auric field allowing you to work with your Chakras while stimulating greater subtle clarity to observe your Chakra dynamics.

Etheric Initiator Essence applications:

ま Subtly illuminate & explore the Etheric Body field with your (minds’ eye) Third Eye

ま Grasp the flux of each Chakra, to determine balance / counter-balance needed or the correlative quality of a nodal point – issue

ま Clear & cleanse your auric field

ま Awaken dormant psi-abilities & assist your skill for subtle reading of the Etheric Body in others

ま Gently introduce your Lightbody into your consciousness awareness

This is the beginning place in your Light energy work: balancing and counter-balancing techniques. Etheric Initiator Essence is a wonderful boost to stimulate your psi-abilities! Use it plentifully! Etheric Initiator can bring the experience of your subtle anatomy into your working awareness.

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