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Causal Activator Essence

Causal Activator Essence -  10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist
Causal Activator Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist
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Product Description

“Know Thyself”

Causal Activator Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order

Your Causal Body of consciousness remembers All That Is. It’s the origin of your consciousness, an infinite collection of eternal multiple sensory exposition; the pinnacle of your individuality infinitely transmigrating… it is your connective Soul. In some cultures it only has a ‘singing name’, which it will directly respond to. Your Soul is your Home. All of your wisdom, love, unity, bliss and the manifest nature of your Logoic, God/Goddess – Solar Aspect understanding in total sentience-ness is eternal here.

Does it surprise you to learn that it manifests numerous times daily? Your inspiration! There are no conflicting polarities in your Causal Body of consciousness, only the resolution of your individuality and All That Is, the only concept of perfection we yet understand.

As consciousness itself, your Causal Body is the repository for every incarnation you have experienced and each dimensional aspect of the holistic you. (This is a concept of multidimensional personalities co-existing as expressions or Chakras of your Soul.) All of this descends through your subtle anatomy triggering the ultimate cause / action in your personal growth. Remembering this brings you that much closer to your cosmic awareness where the ‘group consciousness’ waits for you to enjoin. Defining the ‘group consciousness’ can include All That Is or perhaps more elegantly, as the many personalities you have designed and fulfilled. With this concept in mind, think of your Causal Activator Essence as a cosmic memory agent helping you to reach out to each aspect of yourself on multidimensional levels of awareness.

Your Causal Body exists as integral consciousness of your past, present and future, tapped when you are truly living in the moment. Your Causal Activator Essence inspires you through your PSI sensitivities to align with this state of mind through observation of your Higher Self interfacing. We all do it! Recognizing and appreciating this action is a focal action of Causal Activator Essence. Each unconditional act of kindness or love, every time you make a positive difference for yourself and those surrounding you, your Highest Self is reaching through bringing you a measure of transcendence. When you are furthest from this, at that place you think of as ‘the bottom’, your Highest Self sits perched at the edge of jubilation, closest to you as you face the dark hour or most dreaded fear. It’s at this edge we gift ourselves with the greatest opportunities for personal growth and transcendence. If we can face our fear, embrace it, transmute it, we can experience a transcension. A new talent is born when this happens and your Soul expands in the joy of your evolution!

When moments of life altering events occur, it is the direct intervention of your Causal Body of consciousness activating your nodal points in each successive subtle body of consciousness. Divine timing occurs for your greater evolution. These nodal points remain as talents and healing capabilities. A common event in this process is the act of forgiveness…in forgiving others; a greater personal emotional well-being eventually triggers the experience of self-forgiveness, a personally transcendent process. The repetitive use of your Causal Activator Essence encourages your awareness in recognizing these events and clarifies the special nodal points’ significance and usefulness for you in defining a new talent. This is the best definition of ‘changing your mind’!

Each subtle body of consciousness in your subtle anatomy contains eight major Chakras. Every Chakra belonging to your Causal Body of consciousness lives as an individual, multidimensional personality; each vital and relative to each other and all subtly connected to one another. Causal Activator Essence guides your creative visualizations in searching for and defining each multidimensional aspect of yourself.

As your multidimensional ally, Causal Activator Essence helps reveal the differences between your Guides, past lives and the multidimensional expressions of your Highest Self. Clearly defining the daily expression of your Highest Self eliminates confusion and disruption of information in your relationship process with the Guides and special beings sharing this existence with you! Causal Activator Essence assists you to discern subtle authorship, bringing clarity to your process of subtle exploration and growth!

Causal Activator Essence applications:

0 Cosmic memory agent, connective to Highest Self

0 Useful ‘truth serum’ for your subtle sensory interpretations

0 Brings awareness to significant nodal points of evolution

0 Helps unlock hidden subtle information through stronger connections to multidimensional aspects of yourself

0 Defines Guides, past lives from multidimensional aspects of Highest Self through greater inner authority & certainty

0 Promotes rest & restoration

Causal Activator Essence initiates connectiveness to all that is subtly influencing you, providing a tool of discernment in your decision making processes. In bathing, it will bring the grounding to your healing visualizations and stimulate a lasting release of past issues.

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