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Nadis Lightways Essence

Nadis Lightways Essence - 10ml dropper bottle
Nadis Lightways Essence - 10ml dropper bottle
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Product Description

Nadis Lightways Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order

Thousands of thread-like conductors of CHI called Nadis connect the physical you and your subtle anatomy. They penetrate your physical body through Meridian points and subtle channels with CHI filtered through correlative Chakras to vitalize your organs, systems and glands. Your Nadis constantly transmit CHI directed from your Causal Body of consciousness; your Soul. Like your breath, CHI is an auto-reflex…continuous. CHI is your essential vitality; without it you cease on all levels. Your Nadis penetrates you completely, down to cellular levels. Nadis are woven throughout your anatomy into your nervous system and brain. CHI is a vitality of information, informing you through a subtle luminescence. Understanding the creative authority of CHI is essential to the conscious influence of your well-being and physical longevity. All subtle healing techniques use CHI to heal with. CHI is the White Light (or any color application) creating the intentions and visualizations you work with to heal, send energy…White Light you call upon is a subtle universal CHI, relative on all levels of existence. Light bonds All That Exists. You can use it freely to direct, create, sustain healing or bring yourself new awareness and understanding!

Your CHI is influenced by your thoughts, feelings and actions. Your Chakras distinguish the quality of this influence. Just as your intentions and work with your Chakras can consciously influence them, you can consciously influence the quality of CHI that sustains you, through energy work. When we get sick it’s a direct result of an unresolved emotional issue-creating blockage to our CHI flow through our Nadis. We experience dis-ease with our body. When a healer ‘sees’ a blockage, they will describe the issue and malady according to their Traditional knowledge and resolve a ‘cure’ or therapy correspondent within that Tradition. Each Tradition is effective!

Your Nadis Lightways Essence works to bring your mind’s eye to the subtle threads of CHI flowing into your body through your Meridians. Nadis Lightways illuminates your Nadis and works to invigorate the flow within them, guided by your intentions as you begin working through any blockage using creative visualizations. Your blockages are lodged subtly in your Etheric Body, closest to your physical self, shimmering a few inches outwardly. This is where the healer will begin to astrally apply Chakra counter balancing, Reiki or auric cleansing to dislodge blocks with subtle Light. Remember, the issue lodged is the result of an experience based in fear, the opposition to Light…it will appear in various formations that ‘go hot’ or sometimes become brilliantly, correlatively colorful to a specific chakra when subtly stimulated. You become familiar with correlation’s through colors and symptoms through developing your subtle sensitivity using Nadis Lightways Essence.

Nadis Lightways Essence applications:

¢ Discerning where blockage is & correlative Chakra

¢ Developing a sensitivity for past life-current life issue attached to the Nadis

¢ Locating correlating Meridian swelled shut or dampened

¢ Re-establish vitality, invigorate you when fatigued or drained & increase your stamina

¢ Acceptance of more CHI flow & excel recovery from illness or trauma

All of the Quantum Essences are excellent bathing applications! Use 10 drops per bath. In your meditation exercises or healing applications, visually illuminate your Nadis when using Nadis Lightways and envision CHI flowing through the many gossamer threads of your Nadis. Gradually begin to explore for locations of subtle blockage, correspond the location to an appropriate Chakra and color. Reopen your CHI flow by applying Light visually, keeping acute to your memory and open to information coming into your awareness and enabling you to expose the issue so you may begin to clear it.

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