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Crystalline Aligning Essence

Crystalline Aligning Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist
Crystalline Aligning Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist
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Product Description

Crystalline Aligning Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order

Liquid crystals are part of our subtle-physical interfacing mechanism that enables frequency specific vibrational and flower essences to heal us through ingestion or topical applications. Vibrational essences work because each contains resonant bio-crystalline structures on physical and subtle levels, sympathetic and attractive to one another. Bio-crystalline structures are most sensitive to the subtle morphogenic fields surrounding them allowing us to respond to our subtle healing applications. There is a special synthesis between subtle frequencies of energy, the morphogenic fields you maneuver through intention and visualization. These specific qualities move into the liquid crystals manifesting from your subtle anatomy traveling into your physical body eventually determining the destination and properties of your CHI flow. A crucial relay point for a vibrational essence is your Meridian system allowing physical interfacing. Crystalline structures respond to your creative visualizations and intentions with surprising speed and accuracy with persistent practice!

This resonant practice will also work to align your quartz-based tools as healing or guiding instruments in similar fashion. Vibrational essences compliment the ‘programming’ technique used on your crystals and healing stones through creative visualization techniques. Our bio-crystalline nature is compatible with all crystalline resources; including waters, minerals, gemstones, plants, geostructures and animals.

Crystalline Aligning Essence is designed to support, guide and assist your process in conforming the Light impulses you send through specifically crafted subtle techniques and intentions while working to restore your DNA. Your DNA responds to the bio-crystalline structures within your subtle and physical bodies in binary patterned impulses for vitalizing or activating. We are challenged to rekindle our DNA strands with Light techniques of intent and creative visualization. Binary impulses are vital in your visualizations. Our DNA holds the individual key to a more intimate companionship with the vast grid of All That Exists. Ancient science revealed through numerous spiritual texts (Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit scriptures…AKA the ‘God Code’) as primary universal building blocks (Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen) reveals manifest implications of DNA reconstruction. Knowledge of the pathways and possibilities of CHI flow, in binary impulsing of your DNA, additionally influenced by solar and cosmic Light as it cascades through your subtle and physical anatomies is all vital in directing your activation and rekindling techniques. Informed intentions and creative visualizations influence your DNA to accept intentional Light programs for reconnection and activation! Flower essences and vibrational applications are definitive tools in accomplishing this very specific, subtle Light work. Crystalline Aligning Essence helps you develop your personal techniques in DNA rekindling.

Your Crystalline Aligning Essence awakens a new, keener awareness of the fundamental binary codes impulsing your CHI flow while encouraging direct influence of DNA work with quartz based healing tools. This essence provides a tangible connection between you and your crystalline / mineral based healing tools! Use it during meditation exercises and healing sessions with your tools to enhance the clarity of information stored within and promotes your efficiency with them. Meeting and creating a relationship with the guardians within your healing tools gifts you with insight and growth for a much broader usage.

Crystalline Aligning Essence applications:

A Awakening to & intuitively working with the ‘God Code’ within you

A Working to rekindle DNA strands with intentional Light constructed programs of activation

A ‘Seeing’ binary subtle pathways of CHI flow surrounding you & the vital world

A Enhancing use of your crystal – mineral healing & meditation tools

A Meeting & working with the Guardians within crystals & minerals

A Recognizing & communing with nature Devas (consciousness within nature) & the Earth Mother elements

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