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Working with your Lighbody Initiators & Activators

Working with your Quatum Lightbody Essences to achieve Lightbody capabilities.
Working with your Quatum Lightbody Essences to achieve Lightbody capabilities.
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Working With Your Quantum Essences

Voice coaching on how to work with your Quantum Essences:

Healing – Subtle Light Techniques

- Nadis Lightways, Meridianal Points & Etheric Initiator: Create a ‘dosage bottle’ to apply to the person (s) receiving subtle Light infusion (including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra balancing & counter – balancing applications) during your healing session. The ‘dose’ bottle should contain preserver (organic brandy 30% to indigenous, clean water) with nine drops each of the essences. Apply this prior to healing or during the session, as you need.

- Holonomic Interface & Causal Activator compliment: When blockage causes an emotional resistance, the further application of Holonomic Interface Essence helps to align subtly and promote acceptance for continuity of the session. Causal Activator Essence can intercede when dilemma occurs during subtle application. This is a primary combination of Quantum Essences’ applied to an individual during the practice of any subtle healing modalities to help instill emotional allowance.

- Astral Initiator, Causal Activator & Self Luminal: As the healer directing Light techniques, this combination is essential! As a subtle technician, you can use a combination of the Astral Initiator, Causal Activator with the Self Luminal Essence to engage your astral self, illuminate your Third Eye and open your consciousness to the subtle morphogenic fields surrounding you and your subject. This is a ‘trigger’ combination helping you to find your personal resonance with the Now and enabling you to ground in your healing intention. Reiki Masters (or journeyman) using subtle Reiki healing techniques, in Chakra balancing – counter balancing or any subtle Light infusion will find this a quality of resonance to assist in any healing application!

Regressive-Past Life Journeying

- Astral Initiator, Mental Initiator, Causal Activator & Self Luminal: Apply Causal Activator to establish your inner connectiveness with your Highest Self. Your Causal body holds the complete repository of your past lives to engage and re-experience. Your personal ‘group consciousness’ are revealed to you through your Highest Self, a fusion of your past. Astral Initiator motivates your mobility of consciousness; a fluid stream of imagination unlocking many journeys-memories for exploration and discovery. These are the clues into your nodal points of evolution (your past life issues).

Visually you conceptualize “out of the box” characterizations of yourself, clarifying with Mental Initiator and grounding new sensibility using your Self Luminal Essence. Begin to unravel who you are on the many levels through these imaginative journeys you are naturally inspired to create. Look for conformations of your past lives in the issue - challenges of your present.

This combination is a tool to help you integrate a balanced understanding of your issues while walking through the past. Use both Astral and Mental Initiator to grow more knowledgeable through a self-actualized education (explore the histories that call to you!) and to guide your imagination. Causal Activator will help you ‘ground’ your recognition of the subtle truths from your past that will trigger conformations for you. Consistent practice gradually brings breakthrough results!

DNA Therapy

- Crystalline Aligning, Mental Initiator & Causal Activator Your thoughts and feelings joined with your overwhelming urges for enLightenment represent a form of your quantum DNA. You can creatively influence and program it through knowledgeable visualizations to heal your body, positively shift your behavior patterns and open your subtle sensuality (psi-abilities) into your everyday life.

Crystalline Aligning awakens your sensitivities to the nature of CHI flow from the subtle into the physical body. CHI flows into the Meridians in binary pulses of subtle Light, your subtle – physical interfacing dynamic. Emulating this pulsing action in a creative visual design to awaken your whole physical brain and to re-bundle your DNA strands is a powerful meditation and subtle Light tool! Use your Mental Initiator to assist focus and concentration in tandem with your Crystalline Aligning. Visualize binary (broken dot-dash style) impulses of subtle White Light along the synapses of your whole brain, crisscrossing from Right to Left hemispheres’ and back again during your visualizing meditations. Practice this as often as possible with clear intentions. Structure your creative visualizations with binary patterns of White Light extending from your nervous system into your brain with the intention of penetrating your cellular levels and the DNA within each cell. The more specific your visualization, the greater the your progress in this exercise.

Suggestions for application of your Quantum Essences:

- Your Quantum Essences are ‘stock’ strength flower essence compositions. You can make dosage bottles up combining the essences adding 9 drops of each essence you choose to a one oz bottle to create an effective dosage bottle for healing.

- Traditionally, flower essence dosage inspires your transformative awareness in frequency…not quantity of a dose. 2 or 3 drops sublingually (under your tongue) is recommended. Use a mister! Put 9 drops of each essence you’re using into the misting bottle and mist yourself or the person you’re working with! Mist your environment! Your bed before sleep! To topically apply, remember your chakra centers and apply there. Don’t forget your feet, knee or hand chakras! You can apply to a point of origin of malady. Use your intuitive guidance!!

- Frequency is the key in using vibrational / subtle essences. 4 to 6 times a day. You can put 3 drops into a glass of water and sip it over a period of time.

- Bathe in your Quantum Essences! Add 7 to 9 drops per bath and relax for a long soak!

- Flower essence compositions are subtle healing tools. They’re effective in the cascade of subtle flow from your subtle or unconscious mind and body to your physical or conscious mind and body. Repetitive use of the Quantum Essences brings you a new subtle awareness and conscious understanding.

- Quantum Essences are holistic / vibrational applications. They will not harm you or negatively influence any ongoing medical treatment, including any prescription drug ingestion or relative therapies.

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