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Astral Initiator Essence

Astral Initiator Essence -  10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist
Astral Initiator Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist
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Product Description

Astral Initiator Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order

Many of your greatest adventures lie within the actualization of your Astral Body of consciousness! Your expectations of yourself, who you wish to be, who you are capable of being in your most extraordinary moments and the demonstrations of who you fear you are during your worst moments, all thrive on the Astral plane through the mobility of your consciousness. You are a ShapeShifter! All the magnificent tools of your imagination are exceptionally successful on the astral plane. The challenge is in grounding these adventures positively for personal growth and success in your everyday life. “If you can dream it; you can do it!”

Your Astral Body of consciousness is that mobility you experience through the gifts of your ‘mind’s eye’ (Third Eye Chakra)! Through it you explore the special territory of Myth, sexual desire, longing, feelings, fears, creativity and conformations, too! At the very least, half our lives are played out on the astral plane. Are you a dreamer? Where do you think you are when you daydream or go to sleep? You’re on the astral plane…an indisputable level of existence with incredibly magnetic properties offering both the capabilities to manifest your dreams for success and your greatest fears! It’s the homeplace of Magic! This is the fourth dimension, accessible and fundamental to our third dimensional existence.

The Astral Body superimposes over and merges with your Etheric Body, shinning outwardly in response to your active imagination in another higher frequency of existence. This is your ‘emotional body’, transmitting your emotions, affecting the CHI imbuing you through astral chakras into your Etheric Body. Your major Chakra system is affected primarily through your major Solar Plexus Chakra as an initial processing dynamic cascading outwardly into each successive major Chakra. The phenomenon of OBE (out-of-body experience) and the NDE (near-death-experience) are mobility of consciousness or Astral Body events observed through your Third Eye. When you dream or imagine, your Third Eye is providing you with the ‘sight’ of forecast you use in this dynamic.

Your Astral Body conveys your consciousness through any transcendent experience that you have. Unbidden, your Astral Body will take you into realms your imagination is determined to experience and invite you into multiple dimensions shared by many varieties of intelligence. Just as easily, it will propel you into living out your greatest fears! Your Astral Body is your strongest link to physical and emotional well being…we are who we think we are!

Your Astral projection (Astral Body) is the vehicle for every subtle task you perform:

-Light energy healing techniques

-Forecasting & building your world through intentions, imagination, dreams & your faculty of judgement

-Actualizes your subtle – psi senses

-Filters reception & sending the unspoken from all levels of communication

Your Astral Body builds the world surrounding you in seeing / forming your perception of what is real while envisioning what ‘can be’. Your Astral Body responds in supraluminal speed (faster than the speed of Light) to your sensuality! Here is your special bridge between the physical and the subtle world … your senses! The links between your sense of sight and clairvoyance, hearing and clairaudiance, touch and empathy, taste and smell intuiting the unseen, all of your physical senses correspond to your subtle sensuality or psi abilities. Your Astral Body provides a personally designed vehicle capable of grounding and using your psi sensuality. When working to consciously access and define your Astral abilities, developing a keen sensual authority is important for your conformations. The knowledgeable manipulation of your physical senses propels your Astral Body further into territories of new experience. Practice through intention and meditation, journeying and dreaming will eventually transcend your awareness from the physical into the unseen. The subtle influences of Astral Initiator Essence build and strengthen a link between your subtle senses and conscious mind, enhancing your practice. It will consciously draw your attention to the small clues your subtle sensuality reveals through what your Astral Body has experienced as it manifests in your everyday life.

Astral Initiator applications:

p Helps adjustment to consciousness mobility & developing communication skills with the unknown / unseen

p Decipher your nocturnal dreams, an excellent dream application

p Triggers mobility of consciousness or astral journeying

p Coordinates Third Eye observation, stimulates greater expanse of vision

p Provides subtle stimulation for healing sessions, journeying techniques & ceremonial participation

p Stimulates your creative imagination

Use your Astral Initiator just before bed to engage your Ancestors and Spirit Guides during dreamtime. As it assists your mobility of consciousness (astral projection) it will guide you through the ‘practice’ sessions you perform with journeying and the creative visualization fundamental to successful energy healing work. Anytime you use creative visualization therapies or apply Light techniques, Astral Initiator Essence will enhance your skills to discern and envision. This essence inspires your clarity as a ‘channeling’ agent, facilitating your connections in the unseen world. Whenever you require a break from the everyday, use your Astral Initiator to help take you away!

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