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Yule Essence - Inner Explorations formula

Yule Essence - Inner Explorations formula
Yule Essence - Inner Explorations formula
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Yule Essence

December 21st or 22nd The First Quarter of the Wheel: Lesser Sabbat Winter Solstice arrives with the death and rebirth of the Sun God! The Holly King (waning sun) gives way to the Oak King (waxing sun)! As the waning year recedes and the waxing year invests us with dreams of new harvests to plant. Hero and Heroine myths are born during the Storytelling hours of winter around the fires, starting with a Yule fire on the longest night of the year. Teaching tales of Light victorious over Darkness inspires our values and ethics. The gifting of the season is hope. Celtic heartsí found glory coming as the Sun began itís return to the skies and they valued the harshness of lessons learned through the of dark winter. By winter fires they told the stories of these lessons.

Yule Essence will subtly assist you in attuning to this cycle as it helps you to prepare for a celebratory circle. Your inner explorations can be accelerated during this season. Yule Essence helps cleanse and rejuvenate your auric field with the promise of the Sun to begin these positive journeys! Helping you in planning projects, new goals and embracing the Masculine Divine, use several drops of Yule Essence with Frankincense oil or Wolfsbane oil. Whenever the darkness of the season leeches the vitality from your enthusiasm, apply your Yule Essence for a recovery and shifting into the cyclic understanding and appreciation of the necessity in awaiting rejuvenation! [Many people suffer a depressive wintertime, lacking the sun and itís vitality Ö Yule Essence will encourage brightness through this passage and bring awareness of the personal cycle within reaching out during this time for expression.]

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