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Ya Ya Queen's Veve Essences

Flower Essence Formulas in VeVe charged Waters!

Symbols (the VeVe) are the first source of information between worlds (the astral plane/noosphere), in the application of visualization. They act as magnets to attract specific resource (Spirit) with unique character and quality for healing or guidance. The Healing VeVe Essences are VeVe (symbol) imbued Indigenous waters combined with specific flower essences aligned to the Orisha, a Yoruban Ancestor aligned to a special cosmic and natural force represented in the VeVe symbol.

The VeVe Essence will assist you in creating your personal relationship with the Orisha and establish an alignment with them during your positive (Rada) healing ceremonies or for divination, personal guidance and self empowerment with the blessings of Ghede (the benevolent Spirit of Voudou). This is the Rada! the positive and healing practices of voudou!

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