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Papa Legba - Authority Essence

Papa Legba - Authority Essence
Papa Legba - Authority Essence
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In the beginning of all things there was the first impulse of consciousness, in voudou this beginning is Legba, as grand as the world tree, as humble as the wise. He is the GrandFather opening the way of communication between you and your Ancestors, parting the veils between you and all that is connected to you.

Authority Essence is imbued to call Papa Legba to your assistance when you begin to explore what truly lives within you. Legba's symbol of a mirror represents this wisdom, discovering your inner your Inner Self where your inner authority sleeps. Papa Legba will confer a new awareness when your require one, deeper understanding allowing for personal change and growth.

USEFUL APPLICATION FOR: Initiations, all new beginnings, opening any form of ceremony, clearing confusion, inviting mental acuity, all forms of communication / eloquence and finding what you have lost. EBBOS (Offerings to Legba) include a white or red candle dressed with Addimu sweet oil, Dove's Soul or Uncrossing oil. Monday is a good day to offer to Papa Legba. Surround your candle with pipe tobacco, a healthy glass of good rum next to a glass of energized healing water and small, nicely framed magic mirror.

*** Papa Legba is Dahomey, West African. In the Fon pantheon - cosmology he represents the youngest son of Mawu-Lisa. Papa Legba is the messenger between Spirit / Cosmos and humanity / Earth. He is considered omnipotent, hearing and seeing all there is. Make fast friends' with Papa Legba .. he conveys your desires, needs and wishes to Spirit / the Cosmos. Be very clear with your message!

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