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Ostara Essence - Awakening your Inner Child formula

Ostara Essence - Awakening your Inner Child formula
Ostara Essence - Awakening your Inner Child formula
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March 21st Second Quarter of the Wheel: Spring Equinox comes and revitalizes our Spirit; youth breaks free within us as our sun brightens the skies! Your Inner Child awakens! Of equal night and day, the Equinox gifts us a personal insight with inner balance freeing our inhibitions for the excitement of renewal. We sow the first crops for early harvest both physically and intentionally. Wholeness that is rebirth of whole, recovery, good health, each inspires us to reach out to each other and share our dreams for new beginnings.

The Fey awaken! They bring an invitation to play! We adorn the Spring Queen with every flower to be found and remember to decorate the sacred scarlet eggs our Druid Ancestors gifted us in reminder of the great World Egg, our renewing Earth Mother coming into fertile season. Ostara Essence helps to subtly transport you into a realm of the Fey, into communion with the petit and powerful healing consciousness surrounding you; the Deva’s! For those who work creating and using subtle essences, Ostara Essence has great value to trigger communication with the consciousness within Nature. When you wish to find harmony and communion with Nature, Ostara Essence subtly gifts you.

Aligning with Spring Equinox during celebration or ritual, restoring inner balance and promoting your subtle connections made conscious with Nature, Ostara Essence is a wonderful year round bottle to work with. Bathe with Ostara Essence complimented with Lucky Hand or Hawthorn oil! Find your special fairy!

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