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Mabon Essence - Inner Balance formula

Mabon Essence - Inner Balance formula
Mabon Essence - Inner Balance formula
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September 21st or 22nd Fourth Quarter of the Wheel: Autumnal Equinox Demeter mourns for Persephone now. From Springís plantings we reap the Harvest and make our Thanksgivings. Equilibrium revolves to us again as Vernal Equinox brings the second day of balance to night before the Sun wanes dramatically from our skies. This formula assists us with inner balance. We close that constantly open porch door, gather leaves, admire the color of fire in Nature surrounding us. Fall is crisp, cool, memorable and decadent. We gather our appreciation of the cycles of rebirth in the knowledge that whatever falls to ground seeds the Spring. Winter is on our horizon. The Mabon circle is filled with a special delight; the rich freshness of the ongoing harvest!

During another Equinox shifting between worlds, Mabon Essence helps you take advantage of the thinning veils and preserve that freshness the harvest brings as you enter circle for celebration. As an essence promoting inner gratitude and appreciation, a personal balance may unfold within you! Bathe in Mabon Essence and compliment your water with green color, scented with Money Oil! Whenever you loose your appreciation for what you have, grasp Mabon Essence and apply itís remedy.

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