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Litha Essence - Strength & Commitment formula

Litha Essence - Strength & Commitment formula
Litha Essence - Strength & Commitment formula
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June 21st or 22nd Third Quarter of the Wheel: Summer Solstice arrives with the longest day and brightest Light! The Oak King (waxing sun) falls to the Holly King (waning sun) and dwells in Caer Arianrhod until Yule, now. Your spirit is strengthened and your commitments become clear. We acknowledge the coming of darkness in the last of summer festival-celebrations that keep us warm with their memory through the winter. This is the time for seeing things as they are, for clarity, perspective, the promise of the Sun God’s return to us at Yule and in appreciation of the sunshine days.

The Holly King vanquishes the Oak King during the mystery play reflecting this seasonal shift and we proceed into darkness, the sun dwindling a little every evening, now. To ensure the continuing fertility and harvest of the crops, the Summer Solstice practice of re-fertilization was commenced by the Wise Women of the community in a skyclad ceremony to convey the communities’ desires to the Earth Mother. Serving as phallic symbols to ‘ride’ in the circle around the crop fields, the Wise Woman mounted their broomsticks and danced to imbue the land with the abundance depicting scared life-giving union.

Litha Essence sustains your enthusiasm for life reawakening personal strength of spirit and commitment to your journey! Keep it handy during times of transition. Used for Summer Solstice ceremony to invoke the continuity of fertility and growth, Litha Essence awakens our intrinsic knowledge of endings and beginnings and their necessity for growth. Bathe with Litha Essence complimenting with Frankincense, Hawthorn or Mugwort oils to reawaken your sense of well being and continuity! Celebrate a time of joy and growth!

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