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Yemaya Oil

Yemaya Oil - 5ml
Yemaya Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

YEMAYA: Yoruban [Orisha / Iwa] – The Living Ocean & Mother of Pearls: Deep and unknowable, Yemaya is the personification of Mother Love, as vast as the seas. In her purity, she is the Immaculate Conception, the standard of motherhood and guardian to all children. Yemaya will make whole what is incomplete, she held her children together in faith through the African Diaspora. In her beneficence, she guides and patrons love wherever it dwells and she is your hope of calling new love into your life. As Mother of many of the Orishas, she gifts the magical life to the initiate, encouraging healing and a talent of loving care for the community. Her abysmal depths, Olokun, holds expansion and wealth. Yemaya has the power to direct these gifts towards those she finds worthy. Call on Yemaya at the beginning of every new cycle to establish your commitments and bounties!

Companionship alignment: Virgin Mary, Olokun, Chango, Oya, Ogun, her number is 7, blue, white and silver are her colors. The large cowrie shell symbolizes her, all sea shells and mother of pearl, all pearls are sacred to her…returning a true pearl back to her body (the sea) is a special offering to her! Yemaya resonates with molasses, coconut milk, all fishes and shellfishes, delicious small candies, bathing salts, perfumes of the sea, sea going vessels and small boats, fisher-People, Merfolk, blue roses, seaweeds, sea mosses, kelp, frangipani, violets, white hibiscus, plantains and champagne. Beginning at the sea with lemongrass, we blend sweet frangipani, champaka, coconut and rose into Yemaya’s fragrance. Stones that attract Yemaya include aquamarine, blue chalcedony, coral, apatite, blue tanzanite and silver moonstones.

Nurturing capacities: Mother Love and the abiding nurture of a mother is Yemaya’s heart! She will nurture you through troubling time in marriage, motherhood and love storms. Inspirational influence: Yemaya urges you to release the damaging and unhappy past, to move on in life. She will greet you in a new cycle; ask her blessing at the shore and offer sweet gifts while you immerse yourself in her cleansing sea foam.

Healing gifts: Foremost of Yemaya’s blessings of healing is Love! Yemaya will enter your life as love and guide you in love, spontaneously and truly. This is the gift of love un-requested and unknown. When you learn to release the haunting past imperfect, Yemaya guides you into love again, renewed and for certain.

Creative drive: Artisans and those who make a living from the sea experience the generous creative expression that comes from Yemaya’s bounties and she cherishes these arts!

Leadership qualities: As the benefactor-ess of all Captains and sailors, Yemaya understands the voice of command and the quality of skill in navigation. She bestows these qualities as guide in any adventure or trade.

Paradigm Shift skills: The Queen of the Seven African Powers, Yemaya stands in the element of Water as the life giving force in nature. Call on Yemaya in your efforts to support and re-green the planet working with the running waters of the planet. Here is where her essence dwells, in the seas and all of it’s tributaries. She will assist you in all efforts to revive and maintain the Waters.

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