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Understanding Sacred Sites Oils

Working with & understanding Sacred Sites Oils
Working with & understanding Sacred Sites Oils
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Our techno-social world tends to keep us divorced from Nature, a true ‘homesickness’. Caring for or enjoying the land and integrating our life with the Nature surrounding us invites us back to holism and healing; a holonomic lifestyle! Everywhere around you, major and minor vortexes wait for you to share Home through them. Each Sacred Site Oil blend is formulated with indigenous scent to introduce and align you to the specific signature energy of a major Earth Mother chakra or vortex. A vortex reflects the qualities, purposes and functions of your own chakra system. Well known Sacred Sites chosen for this collection fragrantly trigger your awareness to the properties of the different vortex energies surrounding you in your everyday life. Each blend is a sensual guide helping you to define and align your own right intentions and right actions in harmony with a vortex to foster that special transcending phenomenon of union with our Earth Mother. Sacred Sites Oils invite you to explore your own Divinity through a union with our Home. You can experience an earth vortex at many places around you. Allow your intuition to lead you as you explore the land or waters around you! The most special Sacred Site is that special or secret place you always return to…when you resonate with the land through your heart, your connection to Home becomes clear! The Sacred Sites are major chakra vortexes, each keeping a distinct Spirit of Place for us to encounter! They include:

* Burial grounds and cache’s

* Astronomical observatories – alignment centers

* Shrines & temples

* Dimensional doorways & dreaming places

* Sunrise or sunset / dusk & dawn initiation places

* Threshold crossing territories & mythic lands

* Oracle homes allowing connection to the Earth Mother's mental body

* Resonation chambers & fields allowing us unique connections to our Ancestors among the stars

Each vortex is a distinct ceremonial spot and many smaller vortexes surround you now providing you with the opportunity to create your own special ceremonies. They may be of less magnetic or subtle density than a major chakra vortex, yet for the determined individual they will produce the same transcendent opportunity as the major site does, if you are willing! It's important to remember that constancy in your intentions will manifest your awareness of the connections between you and Home. Keep faithful to your desire to experience this and practice in creating your own ceremonies of reconnection, celebrations of the seasonal gateways and personally transitional days...like your birthday! Learn the old stories surrounding the land, the myths of the Indigenous Peoples and the stories of civilization to help you find clues to the energy signatures surrounding you. Approach your vortex with the intention of a joyful reunion; open your heart to your Home!

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