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Working with Elemental CHI & your Feng Shui Essences

Working with Elemental CHI & your Feng Shui Essences
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To lessen the Cycle of Constriction in your life, begin working with Water Essence to promote motion and communicate your ideas so they are understood; then appreciated. Allow Water Essence to nurture your inner wisdom! As you begin to experience the motion of cleansing, the stagnation around you begins to lessen. To compliment the effective motion of CHI flow surrounding you, let Earth Essence ease you into a personal centerplace free of constriction.

To breakthrough the Cycle of Depletion and trigger a positive flow of CHI, Fire Essence initiates abrupt changes! Illuminating the CHI flow surrounding you by your choice and action, Fire Essence will enable a new discernment, emphasizing the reality of unfortunate choosing. With a new awareness you can change your mind, make more beneficial decisions! Fire Essence endows greater personal resolve! Compliment your new awareness with the healing qualities of Earth Essence. Emerging from the Cycle of Depletion is time of testing; inner balance is asking to be embraced. Nurture yourself by rediscovering your most beneficial qualities: self honesty, self appreciation, patience with learning and growth through life lessons that asked to be honored by the Warrior Spirit within you! In essence, you are being given the opportunity to begin from a new place of inner harmony. Earth Essence will help you perceive these opportunities and nurture you through the process!

The gentle clarity and transformative vision of Wood Essence will help you to shift your thought and consider the new possibilities waiting for you to choose them! Moving into the fertile territory of true creativity is a goal of Wood Essence. Use it whenever you are contemplating a new project; approach it with awareness for timing, prosperous alliances and positive directions of action. To bring manifestation to your work, begin to use Metal Essence! The demonstration of your plans, the delivery of your projects, are brought into the world when you have made fortunate choices aided with Wood Essence…Metal Essence will help you bring them to life in new Cycle of Expansion!

When working with an Elemental Essence towards your goals, take the essence three times a day with your intention for use always in mind as you apply it. Flower essence formulas are taken sublingually (under the tongue 2 – 3 drops at a time) or equally effectively applied topically (to your crown and over the heart). Bathing is a great application! Compliment your bath with a correlative Pa-k’ua Aroma! For prosperous influences use Wood Essence with Ken-Mountain oil. To begin a new Cycle of Expansion use Metal Essence with Yang oil. To prepare a healing bath use Earth Essence with K’un-Earth oil. For new illumination and understanding use Water Essence with Sun – Wind oil. In need of general renewal? Try some Kuan Yin Essence with Chen-Thunder oil. To soothe and release the stress of the day away use a few drops of Palace Center with Indigo Dragon Vision oil. These are just a few combinations to work with! They’re many combinations to create and apply!


- Your Feng Shui Essences are specifically combined ‘stock strength’ flower essence compositions. You can create ‘dose strength’ bottles of the same size adding 9 drops of your essence.

- Traditionally dosage is 2 or 3 drops of the stock bottle / 7 to 8 drops from a dose bottle. They are applied under your tongue for quick effectiveness. You can topically apply using a mister adding 9 drops to a misting bottle and misting yourself or your environment. To topically apply with a dropper, pulse points, chakra centers and the soles of your feet are excellent points of subtle / physical origin. Use your own intuitive guidance!

- Frequency is key in using flower essence compositions! 3 to 6 times a day. You may apply 9 drops to a glass of water you are going to sip over a period of time.

- Flower essence compositions are subtle healing tools. They’re effective in the cascade of subtle flow from your subtle or unconscious mind to your physical or conscious body and mind. Repetitive use of the flower essence brings you a new subtle awareness and manifest change.

- Flower essences are holistic / vibrational applications. They will not harm you or negatively influence any medical treatment including any prescription drug ingestion.

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