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Wormwood Oil

Wormwood Oil - 5ml
Wormwood Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

WORMWOOD OIL: (Artemisa absinthium) HEALING PEACE TRANSMUTATION BANISHING CREATIVITY Of a night, the old Herbalist formulated once, twice and again seeking a gentle remedy to ease the pain of a passing friend. Chiron laid Wormwood onto her bench, as she dozed, for her to decoct. From this green the old Herbalist healed a friend.

Wormwood is the choice of a caring hand. Sacred to the Huntress, Wormwood falls under the guardianship of benevolent Chiron, influenced by the element of Fire. Our Druid Ancestors called it “Wer – mod” meaning “Spirit Mother” and perhaps this Spirit Mother’s time has come round: modern medicine has begun to treat breast cancer successfully using Artemis’ herb.

This patron herb banishes negativity and transmutes anger into more creative expressions. Why? The common absinthium’s scent triggers an alignment of our chakra golden triangle: Crown, Third Eye, Alta. Work with Wormwood Oil in your chakra balancing, Light visualizations and chakra activation techniques. As its said to have sprung to life in the track left by the serpent who educated Eve, it may be of goodish value to use it with spiral Kundalini visualizations! Wormwood’s connection to serpent energies are physically classified repellent; yet, its subtle qualities align harmoniously with primal Mother serpent-healing energy. The spiral chakra dynamics respond to Wormwood on both sensual and subtle levels of dynamic.

Almost always overlooked or buried in archaic lore is the crossroads and directional quality of Wormwood. It basically survives as a visionary influence used to raise the dead in psychic service. In this slight glamour we overlooked the aspect of using Wormwood to assist us in discerning the qualities of the land, the leys and the vortexes…crossroads energies. Make use of your Wormwood Oil in helping you to discern the qualities of Home, to find the small vortexes surrounding you and to aid your healing working ‘between worlds’ with the connective assistance of our Earth Mother within Her chakras. Use Wormwood to connect with Gaia!

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