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White Sage Medicine

White Sage Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
White Sage Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
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10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order

First Peoples traditionally are nurtured to understand the natural and elemental allies of the Earth Mother. Chief among the plant allies is the detoxifying and purifying White Sage bush. They use it generously in ceremonial custom to cleanse the Spirit, the mind, the body and the circle of participation from subtle to physical levels of existence. White Sage 'makes ready' your space inviting honorable energies (Spirits) to join you through 'smudging' techniques utilizing the bilious smoke of the burning herb as invitation. The care taken in smudging involves more than fire and smoke! The 'white fire' created in your mind's eye and extended into the act awakens the White Sage ally to lend you it's Medicine to achieve a successful smudging. The imagineering exercises of 'white Light' filled with your intention guides the plant ally into completion. As you work with a Spirit Medicine (flower essence composition), the polar process occurs. You will still use your visual crafting and intentions for use to align with the ally; using this Spirit Medicine the ally will help guide you for internal success in your goal of self healing and discovery in guiding your Inner Warrior.

The essential quality of the White Sage Medicine ally clears the blockage to the Great Mystery of your Inner Self! This ally engages all the blocks of fear lodged between your conscious awareness of who you are behaviorally in your waking world and the you you're capable of becoming. White Sage ally guides your Inner Warrior into honest confrontation with these blocks when your conscious mind is willing to face them, take responsibility for them and accept them for the unique gifts they truly hold for you. The strong Medicine of this ally is self honesty. The healing nature of White Sage is its ability to stimulate your capacity for transmutation. We are individuals by our circumstance of choice. Our mistakes mold our character as definitely as our successes do. White Sage ally will guide you into your emotional issues, camouflaged from your consciousness, often regarded as mistakes by your conscious mind. A new talent is born in this process of transmutation and new awareness.

White Sage ally calls your Inner Warrior forth to face any obstacle or threat to your whole-ism. The Inner Warrior defeats your fears in unflinchingly embracing the new Medicine offered to you. Don't be hesitant to apply White Sage ally for daily applications and therapies! Bathing with this Medicine to purify the day's stresses and tensions is extraordinarily efficient! The transformation within you transforms your environment. Releasing anger, managing your thoughts for more time efficient activities, White Sage Medicine will always call your Inner Warrior to your aid. Bathe in White Sage Medicine to release the day!

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