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PURE White Sage Oil

White Sage Oil - 5ml
White Sage Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

Smudging is practiced for many reasons: to prepare for ceremony, consecrating shields or healing tools, always to make sacred, to transmute the unhappy manitou of a bad day or place! Smudging is a sensual cleansing using herbs and scent to clear any negativity from a person, place or thing. Medicine People understand when to use smudging for it’s healing effects. They’ve passed this Tradition down through the generations to help show us our honorable path towards All Our Relations with right intentions and actions.

The first step in ‘smudging’ is to cleanse yourself and then the environment you are in. To make ready your Spirit, the Spirit of a place, the Earth Mother gifted a sacred herb ally of purification…

White Sage Oil

White Sage reached up and out of the Earth Mother into the healing hands of a Medicine person. They burned it. In it’s wafting smoke curls they saw a pure Light clearing the dissonance from a place and knew it had been made sacred. This cleansing is practiced before ceremony to ensure you a calm and purified connection to work with the good Spirits surrounding you!

White Sage Oil works in the same way as smudge smoke! Anoint your temples, heart center, palms of your hands, the soles of your feet and finally your throat center to purify your truth. This cleanses your auric field. The scent and vibration of White Sage instills a new sense of release and relief.

Smudging begins when the White Sage is applied or burned. A wand or leaf is used to create smoke while the oil is applied topically. White Sage Oil can be used in many circumstances for many intentions including a smokeless smudging ceremony. Your informed intuition will guide you. In your aromatherapy lamp the oil disperses into the environment creating wonderfully releasing energies that stimulate a new lightness of heartmind. Don’t be confined to descriptions here! Use your imagination! Take a bath in White Sage… release the day! Always remember White Sage is one of the sacred four herb ally’s valued for it’s purification capabilities… give thanks to the ally for it’s assistance in whatever job it helps you to do!

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