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Vision Quest Medicine flower essence formula

Vision Quest Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
Vision Quest Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
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Product Description

A Vision Quest is about recreating yourself!

When the seeker within you grows thirsty for knowledge, your Guides invite you into a Vision Quest. It's an unerring process most of us experience whenever we have grown restless with our journey and determine that we are unsatisfied or unfulfilled with what we hold. Vision Quest - ing allies the Inner Warrior who initiates the search for new or more fulfilling knowledge, a broader understanding towards whatever you are searching for. In any Tradition, any religious or spiritual expression of the human Spirit yearning to connect ... this time of testing arises.

Most of us come to a place in our path, our spiritual quest for 'Who and why we are' when doubt, uncertainty and vacancy becomes the challenge. We get disappointed when we observe our companions finding a fulfillment eluding us. We ask ourselves why they are experiencing some 'special' spiritual ideal or transformation while we haven't. Apathy or abandonment threatens to take hold of us. Be encouraged! It's a healthy impulse to question your faith! This is a very strong personal Medicine; your personal truth. Needing confirmations is a genuine validation. It's important to remember you are the questioning, the uncommon, the non conforming, an individual! Honor your needs. This takes the courage of your Inner Warrior who requires something, though intangible, substantial to your needs for conformation ... found through the Vision Quest. Your Vision Quest is a very personal experience and Vision Quest Medicine is a combination formula of vibrational frequencies blended to meld to your intentions and independence in conformation for new information and experience. You are the only one who can determine your new directions in this Quest - ing. This Spirit Medicine is an ally for you to apply when the time has come to find your own truths, experience your own personal conformations ... tangibly. You will know when to use it!

Vision Quest Medicine contains the subtle resonance of independence and self awareness to encourage your reach into the unknown and define the Great Mystery for yourself. Supportive, encouraging and revitalizing, Vision Quest Medicine awakens your waning Spirit of adventure and temps you to open your mind! Within it's formula: desert sage, northern sweetgrass and ayahuasca bark.

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