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A Vision of Healing - Indigenous & Animal Medicine

A Vision of Healing - Indigenous & Animal Medicine
A Vision of Healing - Indigenous & Animal Medicine
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Product Description

Spirit Guide Oil

When our heart is sick and broken, our mind too full of indecision and worry, the Great Spirit sends our Spirit Guides to comfort and offer us that small voice of resistance to the overwhelming influence of a material world!

Your Spirit Guides arrive whenever you call them! We just have to learn how to know they are there and trust our intuitions. There are many ways to confirm their presence…’the goose walking over my grave’ feeling along the back of your neck or running down your spine is one. The happenstance of finding a feather is another. Feathers are a gift from Spirit, especially when they literally fall into your hands! Those small ‘coincidences’ are giving us confirmations that occur when we are searching for special answers. These are some of the manifest ways your guides are communicating with you. Spirit Guide Oil can help you to determine these clues and connect with your guides.

Spirit Guide Oil will assist you in sensually vision questing for your guides. Meditation is a strong resource for meeting your guides. To create your journeys into your special ‘looks within place’ to find and meet your guides we have blended palmarosa, rosemary, mugwort, green cedar and galbanum essentials into the herbal base of Sweetgrass. Apply Spirit Guide Oil to your seer center on your brow. This is a journeying oil towards your vision quest and the many guides surrounding you!

Women of the Longhouse Oil

For generations the northeastern Elders of the Heusendues Nations have traditionally governed with an abiding love of the Family and respect for the Peaceful Way of walking with all life. Among these Elders are the Women of the Longhouse who give their blessings and teachings through hardship or prosperity to the Clan.

Heusendues Clan women stand inside the Counsel to choose the routes of trade or conflict and to ensure a healthy, matrilineal wisdom within Clan life. This blending commemorates their service; the virtuous character and loving strength of the Clan GrandMothers. Use Women of the Longhouse to get in touch with your own feminine self-awareness, self-esteem and service to the community! We’ve blended a subtle gentleness and restorative authority into this oil to bring a sensual ‘rescue’ when needed. Calming Sweetgrass, a light Fir to remind us of the comfortable security felt in the Longhouse and a touch of clove to spark the passionately protective nature of the Clan GrandMother! When you look to restore your feminine self-empowerment use Women of the Longhouse Oil as a sensual rescue and to bring summer back into your heart!

White Buffalo Woman Oil

Down in the wallow mighty Buffalo’s roll and ease their tired bodies. Among them stands one snow White Buffalo calf…

White Buffalo Woman danced to show the People how to call the Buffalo to them and the People learned. She brought them sacred Calumet; the pipe for offering their prayers and she taught them the balance of the four directions; above, below and within.

Many Nations await the White Buffalo Woman’s return. She comes to awaken the Four Forces within us…her gift is enLightenment! White Buffalo Woman Oil evokes a sensual acknowledgment for the weary and spiritual revival to those who are discouraged in their journey. She guides us back along the hoop of abundant life from the black road of lessons towards rejuvenation!

This blending is based in Mysore Sandalwood, adding indigenous northwestern Lavender, Hyssop, Rose Geranium, Vetiver and a Copal extract to summon the essence of the White Buffalo Woman.

Use White Buffalo Woman Oil for inspiration back into a spiritual encouragement or progress…she is a loving guide. When you lack direction in your pathwork, ask White Buffalo Woman to help you find your way. Greater vision and spiritual growth are the harmonies within White Buffalo Woman Oil. Replenish your heartmind with this kind, sensual guidance!

WOLF MEDICINE MIST Leadership and loyalty, misted into your environment! Foin coupe' (hay), mugwort, rosemary, magnolia flower.

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