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Turtle Medicine flower essence formula

Turtle Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
Turtle Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
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Product Description

The Earth Mother is our Eternal Nurturer. Turtle Medicine reminds us of the fundamental connections to our Home we have forgotten. Once, we enjoyed a symbiotic journey with the Nature surrounding and sustaining us. We understood the messages in the wind, we followed the water to our resources, we carried fire in our palms and we slept at peace healing our bodies on the carpet of green spread softly for us by our Earth Mother. Home took care of us and we were once Her caretakers.

Our Earth Mother is in a healing crisis. Turtle tells us that the Earth Mother is appealing to us to remember our responsibilities for care-taking. Turtle Medicine is about remembering that sacred relationship with the Earth Mother and the reasons why we have forgotten our birthright, because civilization dangerously forgets this cooperative circle of life. We are desecrating our Home and condemning our children. Turtle Medicine initiates our memory of the cycles of our growth harmoniously with our Earth Mother and shows us how being out of this balance triggered 'earth changes'. The planetary fear of these 'earth changes' perpetuates them. We are meant to remember why we are afraid of such shifts.

Approximately 11,500 years ago, a cosmic cataclysm shocked our natural relationship with the Earth Mother from our awareness. The planetary axis tilted; we were introduced to seasonality after an unforgiving ice age ushered in by horrifying firestorms, eruptions in the Earth's crust and maritime disasters. Armageddon is a planetary - human karmic nodal point. Many of us are trapped in a deep fear of this happening now through the 'earth changes'. Our fear is really a buried memory of what has already occurred. It survives in the memory of our subtle bodies waiting to be remembered and cleared. The changing weather patterns, larger tectonic shifts, the fluxing polar magnetics, increased exposure to solar-cosmic wind storms infusing bursts of solar - cosmic magnetics are just some of the volatile initiators of emotional appeals our Home is expressing. It's reopening a planetary memory of the last cataclysmic polar shifting responsible for seeding this nodal point. The Earth Mother is trying to clear Her subtle bodies and balance Her chakras. We are in this healing crisis with Home.

Turtle Medicine grounds you to Home and awakens your Inner Nurturer for a reclamation of direct connection to the Earth Mother. The strong Medicine in this essence is faith. Turtle Medicine is a tool for introducing you to the consciousness of the Earth Mother... use it in your nature meditations or in seeking a connection to the Mental Body (the planetary Akashic) of the Earth Mother. Your Inner Nurturer will create a subtle awareness of the Earth Mother's stories and create a greater bond with Home. Turtle Medicine will help you during ceremonies conducted at Earth vortexes (chakras) to achieve common healing with our planet. This is an important step in committing our intentions to heal ourselves and the Earth Mother.

When you are burdened with an urban crisis of feeling dislocation, an emotional detachment from nature and the planet, suffering the patina of illness from city clog or pollution... Turtle Medicine is the remedy to ground you to Home, enabling you to carry your own little portion of enduring nature within you.

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