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Thoth Oil

Thoth Oil - 5ml
Thoth Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

THOTH: Egyptian – The Heart & Tongue of Ra, the Great Scribe – Thrice Great The vast accomplishment of Tehuti is in his relentless quest for knowledge! As the arbitrator between light and dark (good and evil) his words kept the balance (Ma’at) so that life would continue with challenge and growth. He is the GrandFather of the Π ratio, in this aspect he is considered the grand architect of ancient Egypt and it’s pyramid complex. This reveals him as a master of ‘reality’ in understanding the true nature of consciousness as a construct in duality. His aspect as a lunar God endowed him with the magnetic influences of the solar system.

Companions: Ma’at, Isis, Ra, Hermes Trismegistus, Enoch, Seshat, Osiris, ibis, baboons, apes, tetragramaton, eggs, sandalwood trees, cedar trees, mud, straw, papyrus, grains, lotus, berries, frankincense tears, jobs tears, lily of the valley and Ideals & Goals: The devotion to learning and growth. Thoth represents the power of intelligence balanced with old fashioned common sense. [Tehuti was no educated fool!] Thoth is your best guide through study and learning to express your thoughts through writing. Transformation through experience distilled by thought into wisdom.

Inspiring talents & skills: Design and skill in creating, expressing your thoughts in wordsmithing, adepthood in holistic healing arts, plant alchemy for creating remedies, he teaches us the primary lesson: As Above, So Below.

Accomplishments: Thoth is considered to be the Father of: the sciences of mathematics, astronomy, astrology, numerology, geometry, surveying, medicine, plant alchemy, theology, government and writing. Masterful. And magic and the calendrical format of measuring time!

Paradigm Shift skills: Like Kukulcan, Thoth heralds the Precession of the Equinoxes, he is a time Lord who stands at the gate of New Ages. Call on Tehuti to assist you in aligning with all of the cosmic influences we are traveling into right now. Perhaps it is true that the 42 Books of Thoth will be found in the paws of a lion as a new aeon ushers in.

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