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Thor Oil

Thor Oil - 5ml
Thor Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

THOR: Norse Ė Thunder God who wields Mjoinir: Red headed triumphant Viking God! Thor clears (storms) to build (thunder and lightning) new worlds. A most wonderful God of Fertility and Abundance, Thor travels through the skies as guardian of the Olde Ways. Wherever People come together in honor of the Ancestors, Thor clears the way and helps establish the resonance. Thor is the gracious protection over the seeker and the practitioner on their way into further enlightenment. As immortal, he is always protecting the sacred and sacred sites.

Companions: Donar, Odin, Jord, Magni, Thrud rams, eagles, hawks, gloves and belt, Vikings, hammer (Mjoinir), whetstones, firesteel, iron, oak, rowan, houseleek, holly, ivy, hawthorn, yellow rose, rosemary, juniper and spring wild flowers. Thorís blend is electric, stimulating with juniperberry, frankincense, black pepper and ambrette seed absolute.

Ideals & Goals: Thor is the merciful influence of power, when he directs his energies it is the warmth pushing away the cold. His storms are a beneficence to Nature, his storms cleanse, clear and renew!

Inspiring talents & skills: Thor is the protector over Sacred Sites. Invoking his presence at the closing of ceremonies taking place in scared site locations ensure a resonance or protection and vitality.

Accomplishments: As a Hero, Thor is the barrier between us and fear. Fear is the enemy the Spiritual Warrior faces and vanquishes. Thor is an excellent guardian to stand with you as your journey inwardly to face your fears.

Paradigm Shift skill: Thorís hammer, Mjoinir, once thrown, always returns to him after itís completed itís work. This is an excellent metaphor for the law of attraction! That which we feel, express and demonstrate returns to us (in the Olde Ways, thrice!). Keeping mindful of what we ordain in our lives, Thor assists our efforts and integrity.

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