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TRUE Sweetgrass Oil

Sweetgrass Oil - 5ml
Sweetgrass Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

Sweetgrass Oil

After Beaver covered Turtle’s back with the sea’s soil, GrandFather Sun nurtured it with the sweetness of new life…Sweetgrass!

Sweetgrass is a sacred herb ally harvested within the Nations for ceremony, piling many braids onto open fires creating a sweet smoke to walk through. As you pass into the smoke an awakening to the radiant Light of your own Great Spirit quickens and your Soul cleanses you!

The Ojibway People remember the Earth Mother’s first plant child, calling it the “Mother’s Hair”…Sweetgrass. Among the Nations, traveling the ‘Sweetgrass Trail’ describes the way to follow our Medicine Wheel of right intentions and actions. In taking risks and facing challenges we grow with a sweetness of heart. When we listen to our friends, family and Elders, we learn a valuable sweetness of mind, wisdom. While we search for the guidance of our Ancestors in prayer and intentions, we carry a true sweetness of Spirit to gift to others when they are in need of it. Is it any wonder the Blackfoot People use this Medicine to cleanse the Sun Dancers with! Always reach for Sweetgrass to open your heart and find the purity of your intentions.

We make our Sweetgrass Oil as a macerated herbal and then we extract the absolute oil to blend into it. We take time and care in the process to honor the Earth Mother for seasoning and to express our respect to the Nations in gifting. Use it topically as a good healing agent. The vanilla-like scent captures a loving warmth, a green scent in the underlying embrace urging you to open your heart. Whenever you’re in need of comfort and care, the sensual warmth of Sweetgrass Oil will hold you, returning your enthusiasm. This is truly a ‘gifting’ oil!

After you have used your White Sage Oil and Green Cedar Oil in preparation of entering your Medicine Wheel or for ceremony, Sweetgrass opens your heart and calls good Spirits to you! Apply Sweetgrass Oil to your temples, forehead, heart center and into the palms of your hands. Let your heart guide you!

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