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Spirit Therapy with Nicole Tomassini

Spirit Therapy with Nicole Tomassini
Spirit Therapy is exactly what you’d think: therapy for the spirit, not just the mind. It involves talk therapy, but it differs from traditional therapy in that our sessions offer clarity on what is happening in your life right now as opposed to your past. We help you guide yourself to the person you want to be by practicing the vibration you want to create. Too often, we are unaware of the vibration we are sending out. As we learn to become more self-aware and balance our energies, we see how to change, grow and actualize the dreams that serve our true nature as opposed to our egos. When one is aligned with one’s spirit — one’s true nature — all things fall into place.

At Spirit Therapy, our primary goal is to help you find ways to align yourself with your essence. We address a variety of ways you can create your desired reality, generally focusing on Manifestation, the Laws of Attraction, and meditation. We don’t emphasize the past as much as what you are experiencing right here, right now. Ultimately, we help you to practice being more aware of what vibration you’re most often putting out there and find the new vibration you need to create more consistently to become the person you really are. You can’t fix yourself because you’re not broken! You can however fix the communication with all sides of yourself. Nicole Tomassini, our Spirit Therapist can help you figure out how to do this in ways that feel authentic to you.

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Who is Nicole Tomassini? Nicole Tomassini is the Founder of Spirit Therapy NYC. For the past 20 years, Nicole has devoted herself to researching ways of living in harmony with the universe, while being true to one’s inner nature. Her education started with a BA in Psychology and Education from Goucher College. Since then, she has studied the teachings of various religions, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, Abraham, and Bashar to name a few.

Spirit Therapy is the culmination of her findings.

50 minute sessions are $120 and discounts are available for multiple sessions

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