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Sipapu Medicine flower essence fomula

Sipapu Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
Sipapu Medicine - 10ml dropper bottle
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Product Description

10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order

Sipapu Medicine helps you to define that place within where you begin all of your journeying - vision questing work. It's your inner centerplace, the Home within you! The Sipapu inside of you holds the loving resonance of your open heart. This Spirit Medicine assists your discovery of the special place of assurity within where your sense of self remains intact throughout all of your journeying. With an open heart you can allow self forgiving awareness of your inner issues, empowering your Inner Healer. Your Inner Child retreats through your Sipapu whenever you make choices that scare them or they can't understand. Through your Sipapu you Inner Warrior finds counsel with your Inner Nurturer. Your Inner Healer-Shaman always acts or responds from within your Sipapu. Your Sipapu is the anchor within for your Inner Authority.

Finding and holding this Sipapu within is an essential step in all your healing and journeying work. The Sipapu is the gateway through which you can honestly move into deeper, more revealing territories. Sipapu Medicine leads you into this gateway-centerplace.

Your Sipapu isn't a difficult place to find. You'll find it following your good memories of positive, spiritually uplifting experiences to where they dwell and draw on them as your resource of inner strength. Each unconditional act you've ever taken of kindness or acceptance of someone regardless of your own needs; these memories are the living structure of your Sipapu. All of your feelings of unconditional love for family, friends, even the care you give to those you hold in highest regard; your hero's. These are the inspiring and uplifting feelings and experiences that provide the foundation of your values and ethics. Your honor is born here.

Sipapu Medicine syncs you into your journeying techniques, meditation exercises or your own personally designed imagineering practices. The consistent practice of 'grounding' in the beginning of your meditation, to your Sipapu, is a good practice in emotional stability and very personal reassurance. This is an excellent mental maintenance! After practice, it will work to efficiently to initiate meditation exercises, locate your inner focus or clear your conscious mind resulting in long term benefits of well being. Use Sipapu Medicine for clarifying, direct focus and to aquire your inner purpose for your inner journeywork. Sipapu Medicine acts as your quick remedy for distraction, indecision or confusion!

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