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Sirius Flow - flower essence formula, Solar Axis flower essence formula, Giza - Sacred Sites & Lion Animal Medicine oils.

Sirius Flow Special
Sirius Flow Special
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Product Description

Included in our Sirius / Lion's Gate package are Giza sacred sites and Lion Animal Medicine essential oil blends, The Solar Axis and Siris Flow flower essence formulas.

Above is Below - The "Lion's Gate" alignment between the star Sirius and our star The Sun...

Among the most powerful sacred site vortexes (earth chakras) of our Earth Mother is the Giza plateau, the Great Pyramid, aligned with the stars of Orion's Belt and the Sirius star system. An exacting correlation occurs during month of Leo in August on the 8th and has been noted as the "Lion's Gate" connection between the Sirian sun and our sun, our life giver. In Egyptian antiquity it was the moment of Pharaoh's ascension, when the conical crown was placed on his head for a year and a day to awaken him with the capacity to live (cognitive between worlds or dimensions) Above and Below. This year's Lion Gate opens in the midst of astrological influences triggering The paradigm shift anticipated in many different cultures and traditions global. Here is that extra PUSH towards evolution into higher consciousness. We are participating in an emerging 'oneness' global culture exacting a balance in the relationship between humanity with all life planetary and initiating the next stage of human - planetary evolution; awakened, connective consciousness. Keep in mind the NEOWISE comet is further scratching the skies to allow greater cosmic flow during today's new moon. (7-20-2020). Just as Pharaoh traveled through the field of Sokar to become Divine, we too travel through initiation into a new level of awareness, reclaiming and grounding the essence of the Goddess to bring balance. The Sirius Flow formula is a combination of several flower essence formulas from our Solar Essences, gem elixirs and plants correlative to the energies building for August. A useful tool for the culmination of this energy opening...we are Pharaoh, preparing for a Divine state of mind.

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